The RIMES Forum – London

There is a well-known adage that you cannot manage what you do not measure. Never has it been more relevant than it is today as asset managers and custodians attempt to service an increasingly complex landscape of index and benchmark data conflicted by competing pressures. Firms must strive to optimize business agility and processing efficiency as the pressure to cut costs continues to gain momentum, whilst ensuring they adopt a robust and resilient operating model to negate reputational risk and demonstrate strong data governance to clients, suppliers and regulators alike.

The themes of index data processing and governance were the central points of discussion on March 7th at the 5th RIMES London forum, with specific reference to Deloitte’s recent white paper entitled “Benchmark & Index data management and related costs”. RIMES continues to place itself at the forefront of these important issues and develop an unrivalled product suite.

RIMES Forum London Synopsis

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