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RIMES Data Sources from Thomson Reuters, Asian Markets

RIMES Managed Data Services offers immediate access to a universe of index data and benchmarks that is unparalleled in coverage and quality. Choose from over 800 data sources and 200 data partners, covering all asset classes. The below list highlights the broad depth of Asian market data available from Thomson Reuters Indices. Through RIMES Managed Data Services this data is fully serviced and delivered to your system specifications:


  • Thomson Reuters BPA Malaysia Bond and Sukuk Index SeriesThis series covers the entire Malaysia Ringgit denominated, Conventional and Islamic debt universe, with daily pricing for all bonds provided by Bond Pricing Agency of Malaysia. 
  • Thomson Reuters/SGX Singapore Fixed Income IndicesSFI Indices offer a comprehensive and independent benchmarking solution for Singapore Dollar denominated government, corporate and statutory board debt, covering over 200 issues and representing over 80 percent of the SGD plain vanilla bullet bond market, with over 60 sub-indices for different bond types, maturities and risk profiles.
  • Thomson Reuters Convertible Bond Indices: These indices are market capitalisation-weighted, total-return indices that measure the size and performance of the convertibles asset class, and are the most widely used convertible bond benchmark internationally (includes Asia ex Japan and Japan indices). 
  • Thomson Reuters Global Sovereign Bond Indices: These indices include straight bullet bonds, callable bonds, bonds with serial redemptions, bonds with purchase funds, partly paid bonds and graduated rate bonds with more than 1 year maturity for over 30 countries.  
  • Thomson Reuters Global Sukuk Indices: This index is an independent and transparent benchmark for investors seeking exposure to USD denominated Sukuk (Shariah-compliant) fixed-income investments, to be used to monitor the performance of the sukuk market.


  • Thomson Reuters Global Equity Indices: are a suite of broad market, free float market capitalisation-weighted benchmark indices, covering approximately 10000 stocks in 51 countries. Over 25 regional indices are available for a number of developed and emerging markets (including regional & country Asian Pacific indices), and 4 levels of sector indices
  • Thomson Reuters Infrastructure Indices: This new offering released in mid-March 2015, includes global companies involved in utilities, transport infrastructure, energy infrastructure and telecommunications infrastructure, and contains approximately 300 companies from developed and emerging countries. Comprising of the Global Infrastructure, Global Developed Infrastructure, Global Emerging Infrastructure and Balanced Infrastructure Index, which limits the weight of the utilities sector to 50%, and over 100 sub-indices and currency variants.
  • Thomson Reuters CRB Equity Indices: These indices are designed to provide similar weighting and exposure as the highly popular CRB commodity indices via listed equities rather than futures contracts
  • Thomson Reuters Corporate Responsibility Indices: These indices offer an objective, transparent and rules-based benchmarking solution for measuring Environmental, Social and Governance performance. The indices are designed to provide as little tracking error as possible to the most popular global benchmarks, via top performing ESG companies.
  • Thomson Reuters/Ideal Ratings Islamic Indices: These indices offer broad market, Shariah-compliant exposure for the most popular Islamic investment destinations. Indices are AAOIFI adherent and therefore accepted in both the Middle East and South East Asia.
  • Thomson Reuters Equity Pricing Data: Reuters pricing data includes historical end-of-day prices and corporate actions from over 140 exchanges worldwide, spot rates on 175 currencies, cross and forward rates and an extensive cross reference facility.


  • Thomson Reuters Commodity Indices: Thomson Reuters provides a variety of highly recognised commodity indices, many of which are tracked by Exchange Traded Funds and other derivatives. All indices have a strong connection to the Commodity Research Bureau (CRB) name. Indices include the Thomson Reuters/Core Commodity CRB and the Thomson Reuters Continuous Commodity Index, which are available in several variants.


  • Thomson Reuters/GPR, Thomson Reuters/GPR/APREA Real Estate Indices: TR/GPR/APREA indices offer the most representative coverage for Asia Pacific, covering 350-400 companies from 13 developed and emerging countries in the region and have been designed in collaboration with APAC property investors. TR/GPR indices are more liquid indices, designed primarily for passive use, and cover the most 100 liquid property companies and REITs globally.


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