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We have been passionate about data for the past 20 years. Our work includes prompting, responding to and reporting on key industry debates. Here you can find all the white papers and surveys we publish from time to time.

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Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) Apr 8, 2019

FCA Prepares UK Benchmarks Register

As part of its preparations around Brexit, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has drafted a UK Benchmarks Register. The Register mirrors...

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Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) Mar 25, 2019

Is Benchmarks Regulation Coming to Canada?

In a globalized world, regulations can be like colds: spreading rapidly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Just such a thing appears to be...

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Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) Mar 1, 2019

EU Announces Delay to BMR for Critical and Third-Country Benchmarks

On February 25, there was yet another twist in the ongoing Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) saga as the EU institutions agreed to grant...

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Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) Feb 20, 2019

What Impact Will Brexit Have on Libor?

If there is anything more complex than the EU’s Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) then Brexit has to be a contender. Where the two...

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