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Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) Nov 6, 2020

The BMR Nightmare Scenario is Playing Out. Here’s What Firms Can Do

From the outset, the Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) has been a tough nut for financial sector firms to crack. The most extensive benchmarks...

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Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) Nov 4, 2020

Panel Debate: Practical Considerations of BMR Compliance

On October 15, RIMES and the Investment Association co-hosted a panel debate on practical considerations for firms needing to comply with the...

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Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) Oct 7, 2020

ESMA’s Statement on BMR and Brexit: Greater Clarity Brings Greater Complexity

The first day of October 2020 was marked by a public statement from The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) on the...

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Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) Aug 10, 2020

More Questions Than Answers: The BMR Saga Rumbles On

If the European Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) can be thought of in terms of a journey, nearly two years after it came into...

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