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Data Management Sep 15, 2020

ESG Disclosure Regulations in the EU – Delay is not the Answer

As the world strives for a cooler planet, ESG investing is becoming a hot topic in the financial sector. This is because...

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Data Management May 28, 2020

Innovation Vs. Standardization: Striking the Right Balance in ESG Regulation

Last month, the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) launched a consultation around the technical requirements for Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) disclosures. The...

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Data Management Mar 31, 2020

As Asset Managers Spend Big on ESG, Data Management and Governance Will be Key

A new research report from Opimas, which was published earlier this month, has found that asset managers are by far the biggest...

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Data Management Jan 28, 2020

Content Update: RIMES ESG Data Management Service

Responsible investing is increasingly seen as an effective way to mitigate risk while improving long-term returns. The challenge for institutional investors is...

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