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We have been passionate about data for the past 20 years. Our work includes prompting, responding to and reporting on key industry debates. Here you can find all the white papers and surveys we publish from time to time.

Data Management Feb 20, 2019

New FCA Rules On ‘Closet Trackers’ Underscore Need for Quality Data

New rules unveiled by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) mean that asset managers in the UK will be required to provide investors...

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Data Management Feb 19, 2019

The RIMES Difference? It’s All About Service

RIMES business is centered on data. Whether that’s the index and reference data that runs through the RIMES Managed Data Services (MDS)...

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Data Quality Aug 28, 2018

As ESG Investing Gathers Momentum, Good Data Will be Crucial

Over the past ten years, the nature of what makes a good investment has started to shift. Today, a significant and growing...

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Data Management Jul 4, 2018

Go ahead, be innovative. We’ve got your back.

Innovation, as a concept, is happening all the time, all around us, in ways both big and small. But, an innovation is...

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