UBS Australian Indices now on RIMES

RIMES has added UBS Australian Bond Index and Constituent data. It is accessible through RIMES Desktops, allowing analysis on our servers delivering results to Excel, and RIMES new SmartFiles™ service.

Key advantages of accessing this data through RIMES:

  • UBS data integration with a massive array of equity, fixed-income and economic data sets on RIMES and RIMES analytics engines
  • The adaptation of UBS’ standard feed format into client-specific custom formats for client databases and a variety of server tools
  • RIMES assures database quality and the quality of each daily feed update
  • Customers can reduce operational costs of data servicing and the provision of analytics to portfolio managers, performance analysts and compliance managers
  • USB data updates on RIMES between 8pm and 9pm AEST, with quality assurance for the databases and feed updates adding just a few minutes

At launch, RIMES has two customers accessing this data: a global fund manager benchmarking Australian fixed-income portfolios a global custodian with offices here in Sydney.

The addition of UBS data to RIMES largely completes the picture for fund managers and custodians needing index and constituent values from Citigroup World Government Bonds, JP Morgan, Asia Credit Index, Emerging Markets, Government Bond Indices, Lehman Brothers Global Aggregates, HSBC Fixed Income, Merrill Lynch, IBOXX, Reuters FI Pricing and Reference Data and S&P Ratings Xpress.

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