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Asset Control

Asset Control provides supremely reliable, high performance systems for the management of financial data since 1991, helping financial organisations deliver high-quality reference and market data to the people and applications that need it – on time, all the time. Their software and operational expertise makes processing and reporting possible sooner, with absolute accuracy, and total consistency.

Asset Control systems track every data element from the point of capture to final delivery, giving banks and asset managers the ability to manage costs and achieve the highest standards of data governance. Whether it’s for regulatory compliance, portfolio valuation, or risk management, Asset Control delivers data with unequalled efficiency, transparency and integrity. Asset Control is a Marlin Equity Partners business.

The sourcing, managing and quality assurance of index data and benchmarks represents a significant overhead for asset management firms. RIMES Technologies currently feeds data into Asset Control systems to streamline the provision of index data and benchmarks for their clients.

The RIMES Managed Data Services are a complementary service for Asset Control solution users who wish to benefit from nearly 1,000 data sources from over 200 data partners at RIMES, covering all asset classes.

RIMES is able to feed the following systems:

  • AC Express
  • AC Plus

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