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Axioma Inc.

Axioma, Inc. develops and markets portfolio optimization solutions for portfolio managers to implement their investment strategies. It offers Axioma Portfolio Optimizer, a portfolio optimization and construction tool that supports a range of investment-management approaches from quantitative to fundamental; Axioma Performance Attribution that provides insights into the success or failure of portfolio strategies; and Axioma Backtester, which reports returns statistics “after transaction cost” for strategies with an after transaction cost budget.

The company also offers Axioma Portfolio Analytics, a set of portfolio risk and returns analytics solutions that provide information for the investment process; and Axioma Risk, a market-risk management system that gives users an unprecedented flexibility for multi-asset class risk modeling and reporting.

The RIMES Managed Data Services are a complementary service for Axioma solution users who wish to benefit from over 1,500 data sources from over 500 data partners at RIMES, covering all asset classes.

RIMES is able to feed the following systems:

  • Axioma Portfolio (cloud-based front, middle offices; performance)
  • Axioma Risk (cloud-based front, middle offices; risk)


Our Managed Data Services

  • Working with 650+ partners and 1600 data sets
  • Superior data quality and accuracy
  • 75,000 index, price & reference data feeds delivered daily
  • Fully managed, validated and system-ready feeds
  • Data delivered via API or file format for operational or analytical users
  • Increase business agility and scalability
  • Faster time to quality & market
  • Global expert 24/7 support

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