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Barclays POINT

Barclays Index, Portfolio and Risk Solutions (IPRS) is a leading provider of indices and portfolio analytics. Their capabilities span benchmark and investable indices, portfolio analytics, risk and attribution models, and portfolio construction tools.

POINT provides dynamic analytics to meet the needs of a rapidly changing market environment and a diverse customer base. The platform combines the intellectual capital of Barclays’ leading research and trading operations with a highly scalable technology solution that supports global institutions, processing tens of thousands of portfolios and millions of unique securities per night.

The sourcing, managing and quality assurance of index data and benchmarks represents a significant overhead for asset management firms. RIMES Technologies currently feeds data into POINT to streamline the provision of index data and benchmarks for their clients.

The RIMES Managed Data Services are a complementary service for POINT solution users who wish to benefit from nearly 1,000 data sources from over 200 data partners at RIMES, covering all asset classes.

RIMES is able to feed the following system:

  • Barclays POINT (front office performance and risk solutions)

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