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IP Sentinel

IP Sentinel provides eSupervision, monitoring, audit and IT Systems to FCA regulated entities. They have a unique expertise and insight into the why’s and how’s of The FCA Principles and the SYSC handbook’s implications on IT Systems, company policies and requirements around data monitoring and data retention.

IP Sentinel offers the following technology and services:

Fingerprint: Reduces compliance teams task-based workload and streamlines their efforts when running eCommunication investigations and monitoring. Embracing the latest technology, Fingerprint is a cost effective and secure cloud hosted platform, delivering automated compliance workflow that includes ad-hoc search & reporting, alerts and Investigation Case Management across eCommunications including email attachments and voice transcriptions. The Fingerprint platform also acts as a firm’s Regulatory Archiving system under SYSC 9.1

Virtual CTO: IP Sentinel will establish FCA Compliant IT Systems, policies and procedures & act as a virtual CTO for an organization as it grows.

Fund Start Up: IP Sentinel offers a basic start up package based on Office 365 for small FCA or Hosted firms to get the IT up and running easily and in compliance with the FCA SYSC regulations.

The RIMES Managed Data Services are a complementary service for IP Sentinel solution users who wish to benefit from over 1,500 data sources from over 500 data partners at RIMES, covering all asset classes.

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