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Opturo® has developed VIA (Virtual Investment Analytics), a flexible and comprehensive investment process automation platform. This platform was developed in response to an inherent need to streamline and automate the numerous large and small investment processes that are spawned to support the investment decision making process. VIA provides dramatic improvement, automation and oversight to the productivity, efficiency and quality of the data dependent investment processes. It can be used to scrub, filter, validate, analyze, and transform data to meet the full range of investment objectives.

VIA has an open modular design and is java based, capable of running on any platform (Windows, UNIX, Linux etc.). It has three main groups of modules: input, transform/analytical/arithmetic and output. Most data related business processes can be streamlined and automated by linking modules together. For example, loading data from vendor text files can be imported using the Text module and exported to the relational database using the Oracle module. The modules are designed to be highly flexible to cater to most situations or in this case file formats.

The RIMES Managed Data Services are a complementary service for Opturo solution users who wish to benefit from over 1,500 data sources from over 500 data partners at RIMES, covering all asset classes.

RIMES is able to feed the following system:

  • VIA – Virtual Investment Analytics (cloud-based, front and middle office performance solutions)

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