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Riskdata is the all-in-one solution to provide risk managers, quantitative analysts and portfolio managers with the most accurate calculation of any risk analytics in real time, across all asset classes, with state-of-the-art mathematical models. Easy to implement and flexible, Riskdata generates regulatory and custom reports to meet the regulators and investors requirements.

Understanding the origin of the risk and recommending solutions to reduce exposure: this is what they call proactive risk management; And Riskdata is the interactive solution for proactive risk management.

Riskdata was founded in 2000 and the company operates internationally with buy-side financial institutions mainly based in New York, London, Paris and Frankfurt, from the largest traditional asset managers to start-up hedge funds.

The RIMES Managed Data Services are a complementary service for Riskdata solution users who wish to benefit from over 1,500 data sources from over 500 data partners at RIMES, covering all asset classes.

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