Managed data services

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is RIMES MDS different from Enterprise Data Management?

RIMES MDS is a cloud-based, fully managed service. Our service model addresses the longstanding challenges associated with software and technology-led operating models. Instead of implementing, running and changing EDM software internally, you shift the entire burden of data management to RIMES. As your strategic partner, we apply 25 years of experience and our award-winning people, process, and technology to accelerate workflow for any financial data domain and future-proof your data operations.

2. How is RIMES MDS different from other managed data services?

With 25 years of experience managing data, we know the ins and outs of data and the challenges associated with it — and our flexible, comprehensive service model reflects it. Our cloud-based service, currently leveraged by 350 clients worldwide, is designed to support any data management approach, allowing you to strategically partner with us in a way that offers you the greatest economic benefit — no heavy technology installations, no additional headcount. With RIMES, meet any data requirement, operating preference, and cost appetite while accessing high-quality, timely data in line with your standards and policies, backed by a service-level agreement guarantee.

By managing data at scale for hundreds of clients, RIMES enables clients to lower total cost of ownership while ensuring their data strategy evolves with the market, essentially future-proofing data management. We also offer a consumption-based commercial model means you know the true cost of data management today, and you can predict the incremental cost of adding new data or an asset class.

3. How would MDS integrate with your existing technology?

RIMES MDS is a platform-agnostic service that integrates seamlessly into your organization’s infrastructure. We can feed fit-for-purpose, actionable data fully configured for any user and/or system requirements.

4. What is included in our service model?

RIMES MDS is an end-to-end service that sources, validates, masters, and distributes data fully configured for any system(s) of your choosing. Included in our offering are interaction and analytics tools to give you real-time visibility into your data supply chain, as well as 24/7 global client support.

Designed with flexibility in mind, clients determine their preferred level of service. RIMES will customize data feeds and support in line with client standards and policies, all backed by a service-level agreement guarantee.

5. What does ‘LEAN DATA MANAGEMENT’ mean?

Lean Data Management is a management philosophy on which RIMES MDS is built. Inspired by the principles of lean manufacturing, RIMES MDS focuses on improving business outcomes, eliminating waste, and increasing adaptability to change by applying our proven people, process, and technology to enterprise data management. We accelerate all time- and resource-heavy data workflow, from sourcing and validation to mastering and distribution. Our clients access high quality data 24/7 in the cloud, freeing up capacity to focus on generating insights that drive growth and differentiation.

A trusted partner for 350 clients worldwide, RIMES’ economies of scale lower total cost of ownership, allowing firms to take a lean approach to their business-as-usual and change objectives.

For additional insight into Lean Data Management, please see our LDM resource centre.

6. My firm currently uses BDS®. What’s the difference between BDS and MDS?

RIMES Managed Data Services is an extension of the RIMES Benchmark Data Service® and the services we currently offer to 350+ clients. With MDS, RIMES extends its fully managed service beyond index data to the full universe of financial data – including market and client data. Clients can now partner with RIMES to manage enterprise-wide data, from sourcing and validation to mastering and distribution. Included in the MDS offering are enhanced interaction and analytics tools to give you real-time visibility into your data supply chain, as well as 24/7 global client support.

7. What assurance can you provide that MDS will solve our data needs?

RIMES is a SOC 2 certified solution with over 25 years’ experience solving complex data challenges for leading financial institutions. Client service is in our DNA, and service-level agreements guarantee data quality/accuracy, data timeliness, and incident management based on clients’ unique preferences.

8. What data sources do you manage?

We have expert understanding of the commercials and content of over 650 data providers, the industry’s most extensive coverage. An independent, data-agnostic service, RIMES is constantly onboarding new data partners and ingesting new data sets. Click here to learn more about our data partners and sources.

9. How can you trial MDS?

Please reach out to or submit the below form, and a member of our team will assist you.