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Bringing clarity to sustainability

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) related investing has reshaped the investment
management industry.

The pace of change and lack of standardized global disclosure requirements
result in new data sources evolving without a common market infrastructure.

Rimes brings clarity to this chaos with reliable, high-quality ESG data,
analytics and mastering capabilities that deliver data insights
for better-informed investment decisions.

Key functions and benefits.

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Exposure management
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Risk management
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Regulatory reporting

ESG solutions.

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ESG data

Rimes sources ESG data, including scores, ratings and factor indexes, from the leading providers, including raw data sets for firms to create their own scores for consistent implementation across their operational functions.

Our fully managed data service model gives you well-governed ESG data in a fit-for-purpose format suitable for enterprise-wide use.

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ESG investment intelligence

Our solution gives you the ability to look through your entire portfolio with ease. You can form a complete issuer tree, identify granular sustainability criteria and store your data sets to assist with reporting and accounting needs.

You can also uncover and highlight specific ESG risks within complex portfolio structures by using the platform’s ability to ingest and analyze unit registry, ownership, proprietary and unstructured data across your entire portfolio.


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