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Meeting your obligations to investors and regulatory authorities is challenging without the right data analytics or warehouse to
access reliable data.

Simplify the management of complex, multi-level investment and product structures through our powerful platform to bring clarity to portfolio management and investment decisions.

Key functions and benefits.

exposure management


Our powerful analytics platform gives you an all-in-one solution to analyze and aggregate exposures at any level using a wide variety of factors or classification schema. We give you a complete “look through” across all asset types so you can drill down through your complex investment structures to the detail you need.

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Rebalancing &
asset allocation.

Our transparent, fully audited asset allocation solution automates the cash allocation and rebalancing process to address the practical challenges associated with asset allocation decisions. Our flexible tools allow you to blend underlying indexes, set rebalance periods and target weights.

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Data warehouse.

The fully integrated data warehouse supports your investment analysis and reporting needs. It features look-through, exposure, and analytics reporting along with bi-temporal historical insights. Gain a deeper understanding of the structure of all your investment products, including revenue generated and costs incurred, and better understand complex inter-funding structures and dependencies.

IBOR platform

IBOR platform.

The innovative IBOR infrastructure deals with issues such as untimely data, back office centric structures, cross asset alignment, intraday trading and market movement. It solves for the multiple challenges associated with current IBOR solutions. The core concepts include flexible definition of position views, extraction of position data, and at its heart, a comprehensive data management platform.

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ESG data.

Our solution allows formation of a complete issuer tree via the lens of a Graph Database with the ability to propagate ESG factors at any level, including ultimate parent, issuer and security, to get to the heart of your portfolios’ sustainability. Our integrated classifier can facilitate exposure reporting across different classification schema.

external manager

External manager

Our solution has audited workflow capabilities and allows you to visualize the underlying look-through holdings from external managers across the top-level value of the fund.

Functions and benefits.


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AM Tech Day, Paris

October 4, 2022

What our clients say.

Rein van Rooyen

Head of Investment Performance & Operations at QSuper

“We do not only manage $100bn of assets for our members, we also have access to $100bn worth of data which we can draw upon to help improve our investment decision making process. Our goal was to establish a strategic partnership with a firm that understood the challenges that asset owners encounter in managing core data.”

Tom Golonka

VPIC Chairman

“We have selected Rimes as they were one of the only solution providers who include a wide range of functions to support our data warehouse and recordkeeping needs. They will run and manage the application via Azure which enables our team to focus on what we do best – making smart decisions based on accurate data.”


Vermont State Treasurer

“The Rimes platform provides complex data on-boarding capabilities with simplified point-in-time mastering solutions. This delivers a significantly lower management burden and an ongoing reduced cost of ownership. All were crucial components of our stringent selection criteria.”

Michael Clavin

Head of Liquidity, Fixed Income and Markets at First State Super

“At First State Super our focus is to always put our members first and we are confident that the Rimes platform delivers more effective cash allocation and rebalancing capabilities which in turn enables us to optimise our investment holdings.”

Beth Pearce

Vermont State Treasurer

“Rimes investment platform is a value added, cost-effective approach to our data needs. It assists both our investment and accounting staff to streamline processes and integrate best practices. The platform is very clearly leading-edge technology. As a member of VPIC and a fiduciary, I believe this technology will bring value to our retirement beneficiaries and taxpayers”

Peta Stevenson

Manager of Investment Data and Analytics, Cbus

“We are very excited to be working with the Rimes team to enhance Cbus’ investment data management capabilities. Rimes was selected because of the quality of the team, their genuine commitment to a partnership approach, the flexibility of the platform and its proven capabilities handling real assets such as Property and Infrastructure.”

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