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For more than 25 years, Rimes has been a leader in the investment industry, helping our clients integrate and improve on complex financial data.

We understand the data landscape better than anyone. Contact us to become a partner or learn more about our enterprise data management solutions.

Data Partners.

With 2,300+ data sets sourced from more than 800 global data partners, Rimes offers swift and seamless access to one of the most extensive data sets in the industry. We work closely with leading data originators to stay on top of new data sources and continually enhance the breadth and depth of our coverage. This means that you can access the widest possible data universe without taking on resource-intensive vendor sourcing and onboarding tasks.

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Our partners and clients choose Rimes because of our:

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We continually monitor the market to identify innovative new providers and data types, ensuring we remain at the forefront of emerging trends and industry requirements.
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Rimes’ data platform provides access to all asset classes and domains, including benchmarks and indices, ETFs, equities, fixed income, corporate actions, ESG, private markets and many more.
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We offer more than 25 years of time-curated data series on one platform, which typically provides 100% coverage of customer data requirements.
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As an independent service provider, Rimes is able to aggregate and transform data from multiple vendors large and small.
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Due to our purpose-built data platform, Rimes can onboard new data partners and feeds at speed, ensuring our clients have rapid access to requested feds.
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Industry and Technology Partners.

Rimes partners with leading technology providers and platforms, industry hubs, custodians, and advisors to deliver our award-winning data and investment management solutions at scale. From provisioning data through asset servicers to distributing via the cloud to supporting bespoke data warehousing requirements, we are continually expanding our industry networks to better support our clients.

Industry Partners

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Technology Partners

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