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For more than 25 years, Rimes has been a leader in the investment industry, helping our clients identify, integrate and improve on data across multiple domains and asset classes.

We understand the data landscape better than anyone and can help you choose the best partners and delivery channels to suit your needs.

Data Partners.

With 1,800+ data sources from more than 700 global data partners, Rimes offers swift and seamless access to one of the most extensive data libraries in the industry. We work closely with leading data and industry partners to stay on top of new data sources, continually enhance the breadth and depth of our coverage, and adopt the most innovative delivery channels. This means that you can access the widest possible data universe without having to undertake resource-intensive vendor sourcing and management yourself.

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Industry Partners.

Rimes partners with leading data marketplaces, industry hubs, custodians, and advisors to deliver our award-winning data and investment intelligence solutions at scale. From providing quality ETF data via ICE, to making benchmark and index data available via State Street Alpha to deploying managed data services in the cloud via Snowflake, we are continually expanding our industry networks to better support our clients.

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