NGS Super Australia inks contract with Rimes

March 16, 2022

To support strategic data integration and consolidation programme | Underpinning efficiency and productivity drive across the business | Matrix IDM solution fully aligned to NGS ESG policy

Sydney, London, New York, Wednesday 16th March 2022Rimes today announces a new contract with NGS Super, one of Australia’s leading industry super funds for employees in non-government education and community organisations. This initiative is integral to NGS’s commitment to a carbon-neutral portfolio by 2030. NGS Super initially procured Matrix technology in 2021, which Rimes acquired in October 2021. As a result, NGS is now part of the growing Rimes client roster and has access to a broad range of specialist data solutions and sector expertise.

Ben Squires, Chief Investment Officer of NGS Super, had this to say: “Our Investments team manages vast amounts of complex structured and unstructured data sources, and volumes continue to rise. And, despite investments we had already made in technology, it was clear that we were too reliant on labour-intensive, time-consuming processes, and this needed to change. So, the impetus came from us to invest in an investment data management system. Our objectives were simple — to maintain our strong competitive position, drive productivity and efficiency, empower socially responsible and improved investment performance, deliver enhanced customer service capabilities, and achieve our ambitious ESG goals. To do this and power our ambitious business growth plans, we had to modernise and future-proof the entire data management function.”

Sadeer Jan, Senior Manager Business Intelligence for NGS Super, said: “Partnering with Matrix IDM and Rimes to deliver a centralised investment data solution is a critical component of a broader data maturity uplift the Fund is currently undergoing. It also ties in with our data vision — to create a data-informed business, where decision-makers have continuous, efficient access to reliable data and insights. Our requirements were precise. These included the creation of a single, consolidated and fully integrated data platform, customised real-time reporting, streamlined data modelling and the ability to have our data accessed via a variety of ways. Having looked at different options, we found Matrix’s cloud native investment data management offering, their proven track record, and their alignment to our ESG vendor policy was the perfect fit for our needs.”

Stuart Plane Head of Investment Intelligence at Rimes: “This is a multifaceted, complex project, but we are delighted to report we are on track to deliver the first phase of this ambitious programme successfully and due to go live in early 2022. The progress achieved thus far is a testament to the shared commitment and close working relationship between our two organisations. However, there is still much to be done, and we are looking forward to helping NGS reap the benefits of their partnership with Rimes over the coming months and years.

About NGS Super

NGS Super is a leading superannuation fund for all Australians. It specialises in the non-government education and community sectors, working with around 11,000 employers and managing over $14 billion in super savings. NGS is run only to benefit and help secure the financial futures of its 110,000 members. NGS Super is leading the industry with its Carbon Neutral by 2030 target.

About Rimes

Rimes provides transformative data management and investment intelligence solutions to the world’s leading investors and asset managers. Driven by our passion for solving the most complex data problems, we partner with our clients to help them make better investment decisions using accurate information and industry-leading technology. Headquartered in New York, Rimes serves its global clients through offices in Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific.

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