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Managing Market Data in Volatile Conditions

Even in normal conditions, data managers are challenged to ensure the market data they use is ti...

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Even in normal conditions, data managers are challenged to ensure the market data they use is timely and accurate. But what happens in more volatile times, like those we’re currently experiencing?

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in some of the most dynamic market conditions ever experienced, and that’s having a significant impact on the world of market data. Data providers are adjusting proforma data, and index rebalancing is taking place with unprecedented frequency – more than 30 such adjustments were recorded in March alone across some of RIMES’ data partners.

More broadly, the buy-side needs to find a way to track and mitigate other events that could lead to exceptions in their data, such as delays to dividend payments and corporate activity, the closure of trading venues, and significant price volatility. Due to these and other causes, we have seen the number of data exceptions we manage double over the past month.

Rhys Chapman, EVP, Global Head of Client Services, RIMES, explains what we are doing to help our clients manage this volatility: “We see our services as an extension of our clients’ businesses, and we’ve been working hard to ensure that their data continues to remain accurate and timely, regardless of what’s happening in the market.

Our scalable and accessible platform is helping our clients ensure business as usual. And as we already had a robust remote working capability in place, we’ve been able to maintain the highest levels of service despite restrictions to movement in many countries.

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At times like these, business continuity and resilience are all the more essential. That’s why in addition to continuation of service, we’ve been offering flexible service extensions and scale to support new demand.”

As part of this drive, RIMES is now providing the RIMES Feed Audit tool to clients completely free of charge, for the foreseeable future. The Feed Audit allows users to access their ‘as-delivered’ data files via RIMES Online, our next-generation web-enabled client portal; saving them the need to access their in-house archives remotely. All RIMES clients can now benefit from additional capabilities including simplified data governance and the ability to quickly understand how their data feeds have changed over time.

Rhys adds: “The RIMES Feed Audit is just one of the many tools offered as part of RIMES Online to help our clients manage the complexity of today’s data landscape – both for those looking to protect operations, and those continuing with more proactive, strategic activities in mind. We’re encouraged by the additional uptake from our clients and have received very positive feedback on its capabilities.”

Rimes Online brings together the very best in user interface technology and RIMES’ world-leading data capabilities, to provide users with everything they need to handle today’s data-driven data management business processes, in real-time. Contact us to learn more.

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