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Our new Client Portal Delivers Intuitive Real-Time Data Management

Meet the new RIMES Online

As part of RIMES’ continuous investment in our award-winning managed data services, we are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of our new Client Service Portal.

Bringing together the very best in user interface technology and RIMES’ world-leading data capabilities, the new Portal will provide our clients with everything they need to handle today’s data-driven data management business processes, in real-time.

You can read about all the new features of RIMES Online here.

What we’ve done

Completely redesigned administration tools for improved service communications, increased transparency and governance

New service management capabilities

Seamless access to technology advances and to RIMES’ innovation through a revamped client service layer

Simplified user experience and consolidated functions around business processes.

What to expect

■  New landing page with insights, events, and news from RIMES

■  New search tool with new index overview and zoom views to find all the data on RIMES you need

■  Redesigned feed manager with improved real-time transparency and direct Client Services interaction

■  Service center for change management and tracking

■  New vendor reports solution and new custom tools

■  Ability to subscribe to new micro-products and services designed to maximize user benefits by integrating RIMES Data Tools and capabilities into your online experience.

What this means for you

■  The new client portal does not change any part of your managed services, data access or distributed content

■  Although the redesigned site will look and feel different to the current one, it is much easier to use and full training and documentation will be provided to help you adjust to the new environment

■  Our Business Transformation Team will reach out to you in early June to guide you through the transition

■  The new Client Feed Manager is integrated directly into our internal control and monitoring systems. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to use this application to correspond with our Client Services team rather than using email going forward

■  Similarly, the new Service Centre is plumbed directly into RIMES’  Service Operations platform so you can use it to raise enquiries, service requests or request changes to your feeds, products or services from RIMES.


Contact us or your regional Sales Manager for more information on RIMES Online.