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ESG investing has reshaped our industry, bringing new opportunities but also creating additional data management and analytical challenges.

With more than 25 leading ESG data partners covering ESG and climate data, equities, and corporate and sovereign fixed income, we can help you optimize and standardize your data landscape and coverage, better understand your exposure and performance and reduce your time to market.

Use Cases.

Rapidly evolving, disparate and non-standardized ESG data sources cause costly and time-consuming inefficiencies when analyzing your investment portfolio to meet your ESG obligations. We transform your data, creating a high-quality, reliable source of truth, with flexible mastering capabilities and specialized investment intelligence tools.

Data Solutions

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Managed data services

Our extensive data management expertise, together with our deep understanding of the ESG data landscape, helps us provide you with what you need to better manage and deploy your ESG data across your enterprise. We can help you create a single point of access for your front, middle and back-office, with customized use cases for entity mapping, data enrichment, scoring and mastering, as well as cloud or on-premises delivery.

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Data sourcing

Rimes' ESG data partner ecosystem is a curated set of ESG data partners that have already been on-boarded onto the Rimes platform. Access to the ecosystem reduces time required to source data from these partners and benefits from delivery in a consistent, vendor agnostic format. Use standard market identifiers and the appropriate ESG vendor’s retrieval logic to access data while also benefiting from Rimes’ identifier enrichment to enhance coverage.

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ESG data mastering

Our ESG mastering service incorporates data from multiple ESG vendors across multiple asset classes, and can be tailored to your requirements. The ESG Cross Reference solution aggregates your data in standard format, reducing onboarding time. Our proprietary mastering algorithms ensure security identifiers are mapped to all entities and securities in your portfolios and to millions of ESG data points from leading ESG data vendors.

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ESG index services

Managing ESG data for individual stocks or bonds is already challenging in terms of the raw data, multiple asset classes and interrelationships. Combining the constituents into an index brings further complexities, no matter if a single or blended index. Our ESG index service gives you a clear understanding of the sustainability profile of your index universe, helping you invest with confidence.

Investment intelligence

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Portfolio construction

Building your portfolio according to your ESG mandate is vital to both meeting investor and regulator obligations. Research and screening can be complicated by non-standardized data and challenges in ensuring all relevant data is fully linked across all securities. Rimes’ Matrix platform provides visibility into your entire portfolio, so that you can aggregate and analyze opportunities and exposures at any level using a wide variety of factors or classification schema.

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Asset allocation

Monitor your ESG investments for general market movements and structural ESG changes arising from corporate actions, regulatory changes and event risk. Our transparent, fully audited asset allocation solution automates the cash allocation and rebalancing process to address the practical challenges associated with asset allocation decisions. Our flexible tools allow you to blend underlying indexes, set rebalance periods and target weights.

Reporting & compliance

Regulatory reporting

Regulatory compliance

In an ever-evolving regulatory environment, ESG investment management can require detailed regulatory reporting across different global jurisdictions. To meet your obligations, you need reliable data and practical solutions tailored around what can be highly prescriptive requirements. We can help you with a range of requirements including SFDR, TCFD and SASB.

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Investor reporting

Getting the ESG facts right with demonstrable adherence to ESG mandates is of utmost importance for investor confidence. Our Matrix platform provides the analytical tools with which you can inform concise, timely reports on performance against both financial and ESG-related metrics. We give you a complete “look through” across all asset types so you can drill down through your complex investment structures to the detail you need.

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Data solutions.

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Investment intelligence.

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