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ESG investing has reshaped our industry, bringing new opportunities but also creating additional data management and analytical challenges.

By working with a wide range of innovative data partners and ESG specialists, Rimes is able to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions to the unique challenges posed by these complex data sets.

With more than 25 leading ESG data partners covering ESG and climate data, equities, and corporate and sovereign fixed income, we can help you optimize and standardize your data landscape and coverage, better understand your exposure and performance and reduce your time to market.


Rimes’ extensive data management expertise, together with our deep understanding of the ESG data landscape, helps us provide you with what you need to better manage and deploy your ESG data across your enterprise. We can help you consolidate data from multiple sources creating a single point of access across your front, middle and back-office data applications, incorporate your own data intelligence into existing standardized enterprise workflows and ensure data quality and consistency for better informed decision-making.

Our ESG mastering services provide customized use cases for entity mapping, data enrichment, scoring and mastering, as well as cloud or on-premises delivery. 

Our comprehensive services include:

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ESG cross referencing service

Reduce time-to-market and on-boarding using the Rimes ESG cross referencing service, backed by our ESG data partner ecosystem. Retrieve your permissioned ESG data in a standard format, following each vendor’s retrieval methodology, by security or entity identifier. Specialized use cases include country level research, corporate governance scoring.  

Rimes ESG master

Retrieve validated and normalized ESG data from your ESG data providers by security or entity identifiers using Rimes’ ESG master.  Leveraging our ESG cross referencing capabilities, the ESG master provides maximum coverage and a consistent algorithm to retrieve data across multiple providers from the Rimes ESG data partner ecosystem.

ESG mastering service

Self-serve or outsource amendments to ESG data with enterprise-grade governance controls and incorporate your own ESG data into a consistent delivery mechanism with our ESG Managed Master.  The Rimes SaaS tooling supports a full ticketing solution to manage amendments and overrides with full audit and lineage capabilities.

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Index services 

Managing ESG data for individual stocks or bonds is already challenging in terms of the raw data, multiple asset classes and interrelationships. Combining the constituents into an index brings further complexities, no matter if a single or blended index. Our ESG index service gives you a clear understanding of the sustainability profile of your index universe, helping you invest with confidence.

Data partner sourcing

With more than 25 leading ESG data partners covering ESG and climate data, equities, and corporate and sovereign fixed income, we can help you optimize your enterprise data management and better understand your sustainable portfolio investment exposures and performance attribution. The Rimes ESG data partner ecosystem is a curated set of ESG data partners that have already been on-boarded onto the Rimes platform, reducing your time to market. Access to the ecosystem reduces time required to source data from these partners and benefits from delivery in a consistent, vendor agnostic format. Use standard market identifiers and the appropriate ESG vendor’s retrieval logic to access data while also benefiting from Rimes’ identifier enrichment to enhance coverage.

ESG Data Partners.


Having full transparency into portfolio holdings is a critical requirement for institutional investors and asset managers focused on sustainable investing. When reviewing and analyzing ESG data coverage from multiple data/index providers it can be a challenge to map to a single hierarchy.  Multiple ESG data challenges also exist because of the data not being standardized.

With our investment management platform Matrix, you are able to monitor and track portfolio holdings, report on specific sustainable requirements and carry out “what if” scenario analysis to see how portfolio adjustments can impact holdings and net-zero targets.  

Matrix provides customized tools that help you to understand your potential investment exposures, strategically allocate assets and meet regulatory and other reporting requirements. 

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