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Meeting your investment obligations in today’s complex environment is challenging without access to and analysis of reliable data.

Our powerful Matrix platform simplifies the management of complex, multi-level investment and product structures bringing clarity to your portfolio management and investment decisions.

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Use Cases.

Whether you are an asset owner looking for tailored tools to support strategic asset allocation and rebalancing decisions or a fund manager looking to make use of our “look-through” reporting capabilities, our Matrix platform will help you make better-informed decisions. Its modular design allows you to choose the features you need with the flexibility to add additional ones when required, avoiding the pitfalls of other “one-size-fits-all” solutions.

Exposure management

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Exposure management

Our powerful analytics platform gives you an all-in-one solution to analyze and aggregate exposures at any level using a wide variety of factors or classification schema. We give you a complete “look through” across all asset types so you can drill down through your complex investment structures to the detail you need.

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IBOR platform

With Matrix, you can create an IBOR that solves for untimely data, multiple back office centric structures, cross asset alignment, intraday trading and market movement. Our platform  includes flexible definition of position views, extraction of position data, and a best-in-class approach to investment data management.

Asset allocation & rebalancing

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External manager look-through

Our Matrix platform has audited workflow capabilities and allows you to visualize the underlying look-through holdings from external managers across the top-level value of the fund. This allows you to truly understand the nature of your aggregate holdings.

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Asset allocation & rebalancing 

Our transparent, fully audited asset allocation solution automates the cash allocation and rebalancing process to address the practical challenges associated with asset allocation decisions. Our flexible tools allow you to blend underlying indexes, set rebalance periods and target weights.

ESG data sourcing and management

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ESG data sourcing

Rimes’ ESG data partner ecosystem is a curated set of ESG data partners. Access to the ecosystem reduces time required to source data from these partners and benefits from delivery in a consistent, vendor agnostic format. Use standard market identifiers and the appropriate ESG vendor’s retrieval logic to access data whilst also benefiting from Rimes’ identifier enrichment to enhance coverage.

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ESG data management

The Matrix platform allows formation of a complete issuer tree via the lens of a graph database with the ability to propagate ESG data factors at any level, including ultimate parent, issuer and security, to get to the heart of your portfolios’ performance. Our integrated classifier can facilitate exposure reporting across different classification schema.

Data warehousing and distribution

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Data warehousing and distribution

Rimes warehouses and distributes data across the front, middle and back office, as well as to third party downstream systems, through the cloud, API and desktop. Through our API you can further access a wealth of data to stress-test, build and analyze a variety of scenarios, or back-test portfolio models to ensure you meet compliance requirements



Regulatory compliance

To meet your constantly evolving regulatory reporting obligations, you need reliable data and flexible solutions designed to provide accurate, timely information on performance, exposures and fund managers, especially for ESG investing. Rimes provides both the quality data and analytics tools required to accurately report against complex, multi-jurisdictional regulatory requirements.

IBOR platform

Investor reporting

Investor confidence is driven by demonstrating performance against mandates in a timely manner. Our Matrix platform provides the analytical tools with which you can create concise reports on performance against both financial and ESG-related metrics. We give you a complete “look through” across all asset types so you can drill down through your complex investment structures to the detail you need.


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