RIMES Benchmark Data Service®

Fully Managed Feeds for Index and Benchmark Data

The RIMES Benchmark Data Service (RIMES BDS®) is a fully managed data service for sourcing, validating, transforming, distributing, and storing index and benchmark data.

It enables investment managers, owners, and pension funds to maximize operational efficiency and scalability, improve data quality, and minimize the internal costs of data management while limiting operational and regulatory risks, and maintaining full control.

Fully managed service: all your data ready for immediate use
Comprehensive coverage: 3.9 million indices, 650+ data partners
Seamless integration: any format, any system
Elastic delivery: new data sources onboarded rapidly
Dedicated infrastructure: frees your IT team to focus on core business
Buy-side expertise: 25 years’ experience
Round the clock support: 24/7 service and advice

RIMES Fully Managed Service and Remediation

Data sourced from 650+ data partners
Data tailored for system requirements
Data validated and remediated per client requirements
Customized feeds delivered to systems
Option to store ‘as sent’ data files, ability to view data on RIMES Online

How You Benefit

Reduced operational and project costs
Feeds tailored to directly support key business functions
Timely delivery of quality, fit-for-purpose data at point of use
Enhanced business agility and responsiveness
Simplified internal processes and reduced risk
Resources freed to focus on core business activities
Complete transparency of data feeds status through RIMES Online


Want to find out more about BDS?

We are here to answer your questions. Please get in touch to learn more about the RIMES Benchmark Data Service.