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RIMES Benchmark Data Service℠

Expert Index and Benchmark Data Management from Sourcing to True System‐Ready Data

The award-winning RIMES Benchmark Data Service (RIMES BDS) delivers all your data in a validated, customized feed — that is completely “ready‐to‐use” in any of your in‐house or third‐party systems. BDS becomes your complete “sourcing-to-destination-system” data manager, expertly checking and transforming all of your benchmark data for highly accurate and completely end-user-ready data:

  • Benchmark data, characteristically different from other data types, takes more time to work with. Centralizing its management with our data specialists ensures high quality data delivered faster
  • Benchmark data is likely used by a diverse range of functions and for different purposes within your firm – meaning multiple end-user systems, each with their own formatting requirements. Our Benchmark Data Service individually customizes data for more than 60 systems for true end‐user‐ready data
  • Your hidden costs of reformatting and customizing the data for each business purpose are likely higher than what you think they are (and we can help you calculate it). And manual workarounds can make your data quality suffer

The RIMES Data Workflow

RIMES BDS combines proprietary cloud-based technology and unparalleled specialist knowledge to ensure high-quality data delivery:

  • Fully‐managed data workflow covers all the elements of good data processing. Our Benchmark Data Service delivers fully-validated, reformatted, customized data that is system-ready for your in-house process and 60+ third-party systems
  • Complex benchmark data is handled easily, with our customization templates and blending routines by data vendor and asset class
  • Unparalleled breadth and depth of data coverage, with quality data from over 500 data partners offering over 1,400 data sources. New benchmarks can be added quickly and easily

How You Benefit

  • Increase quality and appropriateness of data. Specialist expertise will deliver each benchmark accurately and completely “end-user-ready” for each of your systems
  • Accelerate timeliness of key data. Deliver important data faster for critical functions
  • De‐risk your data operations. With our Benchmark Data Service you’ll be free from the ongoing burdens of complex data validation and workflow management, as well as the risks of “hidden” data reformatting by other departments
  • Scalable. The BDS data platform easily absorbs complexity and increasing volumes of index and benchmark data
  • Reduce Total Cost of Data Ownership (TCO). We streamline your data management to reduce your operations costs, and minimize your internal costs of data management including commonly overlooked “hidden” costs
  • Governance. Enhance control and transparency in your operational processes and limit your regulatory risks

Want to find out more about BDS?

We are here to answer your questions. Please get in touch to learn more about the RIMES Benchmark Data Service.