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ESG Data Management Service

Get reliable, high quality Environmental, Social, and Governance data to confidently evaluate the sustainable credentials of any asset.

RIMES is the solution to the ESG data management problem

Cloud-based data management that meets evolving regulatory and investor demands

Constantly evolving, independent library of ESG data sources removes vendor lock-in

Cross referencing and issuer-to-issue mapping for transparency into asset ownership

Suite of API, cloud, desktop, and analytical tools for extracting insights across all functions

SOlutions for ESG investing, compliance & more

RIMES end-to-end service across the supply chain


Access to best-of-breed ESG data providers

With RIMES’ global network of data partners, access the industry’s most comprehensive data library across ESG ratings, scores and fundamental content.

  • Vendor-agnostic, enabling mobility across ESG data sources and seamless access to licensed content
  • Regularly adding sources to maintain the widest possible ESG data coverage and insulate firms from time-intensive vendor management and sourcing

Our network of ESG data partners includes:

Validation & Cross-referencing

Get full transparency into asset ownership

Build data integrity and expose relationships across datasets for full transparency with RIMES’ powerful data processing technology, content experts, and 24/7 global support.

  • Independent data verification & checks to ensure governance of data regardless of vendor maturity, file formats, or methodology
  • Extensive cross-referencing across sources to enable more meaningful evaluation
  • Mapping from issuer to issue for granular view of asset ownership

Mastering & Management

Enrich and configure ESG data for enterprise-wide use

Generate custom scores using quality-controlled datasets from multiple sources. Create, change, and test mastering hierarchies.

  • Implement policy or a mandatory disclosure framework
  • Manage the data supply chain
  • Override reference and mastered data to solve for exceptions

Delivery & Interaction

Deliver timely, high quality ESG data for insights

Flow fit-for-purpose data to any user or downstream system across the enterprise. Interact with data using a suite of desktop and analytical tools, including system-ready feeds, APIs, and Excel add-in.

  • Data available 24/7 via a secure cloud environment for efficient access by a global workforce 
  • Frictionless delivery to any system across the organization
  • Custom feeds available for bespoke ESG reporting and analytical requirements

Case Study

RIMES delivers the data visibility security services provider needs to assess ESG risk at scale

Learn how RIMES’ Lean Data Management solution delivers enriched, granular data to enhance and scale an Investment Managers’ ESG portfolio reporting capabilities.

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