The Reference Data Service

Streamline Your Reference Data Management — from Sourcing to High‐Quality, System‐Customized Data

Investment managers are increasingly seeking higher returns in alternative asset classes. This leads to highly skilled, highly paid staff spending more time dealing with manual and semi‐manual data sources to price these alternative assets. Investment managers are sourcing valuations and reference data directly from investment banks or brokers, property advisors, private equity and hedge funds. The data they’re receiving (in spreadsheets, PDFs, or flat files) is inherently complex and difficult to manage.

The award-winning RIMES Reference Data Service (RDS) streamlines the delivery of reference data across your firm. We completely replace your current data management operations to boost efficiencies and deliver high quality reference data promptly. Your reference data is sourced, validated, and transformed into true end-user-ready feeds for each of your destination systems – making our centralized processing a more efficient alternative to managing reference and security master data in-house:

  • Maximize your operational efficiency — we take over your entire reference data processing workflow
  • Improve data quality — we centrally validate and reformat your data to remove the possibility of manual error. We are experts in complex combinations of third-party and proprietary data including alternative asset valuations, fund and constituent valuations, and portfolio data
  • Minimize your internal costs of data management – by streamlining your data operations and removing the “hidden” costs of many departments reformatting data, you’ll reduce your Total Cost of Data Ownership (TCO)
  • De‐risk your data operations – removing the need for manual workarounds, and keeping multiple departments from re-formatting data will help improve data quality and reduce your risk

The RIMES Data Workflow

  • Data Sources: We manage the compiling of multiple alternative asset data sources including: investment banks or brokers, property advisors, private equity, hedge funds as well as sub-fund managers, custodians and fund administrators, in addition to the prevailing reference data sources (over 1,400 sources from 400 data partners)
  • Validate and Remediate: Our rigorous three-level data checking routine ensures the data you receive is validated and, where necessary, remediated directly with data partners. The criteria for validation and remediation are customized according to your own target system, asset type, or data type
  • Transform: We work closely with over 60 system vendors to ensure that we are able to combine, normalize, and cross reference all data flows and sources to be completely end-user-ready
  • Feed: We script your data to feed directly into your destination systems, truly “ready-to-use.” We can store copies of every feed within a RIMES repository with a range of ways to access them
  • Monitor: With full visibility into the data you are receiving through the RIMES Managed Feeds Workstation, RDS provides a unified platform to facilitate best practice data governance

How You Benefit

  • Ensure more consistent, high-quality reference data with centralized validation and quality control
  • Improve timely delivery of data that is truly end-user-ready
  • Scale easily – process an increasing volume of complex data without incremental investment in technology or people
  • 24/7 management — Dedicated team of data specialists monitors your feeds 24/7 and proactively addresses and resolves  errors

Want to find out more about RDS?

We are here to answer your questions. Please get in touch to learn more about the RIMES Reference Data Service.