Opening up a wealth of data

Financial professionals want more than just archived data. They need to simulate investment strategies, analyze hedge programs and track correlations. Whether a quant, a performance manager or risk analyst, they need easy and quick access to data using the tools with which they work best to produce the results their role requires, as efficiently as possible.

With the relevant licenses in place, quants, data scientists, developers, operations staff and people working on artificial intelligence and machine learning projects can all benefit from the API connectivity to our huge range of current and historic data.

Use our API service to access data for:

  • Fundamental Research
  • Stress-Testing & Scenario Analysis
  • Simulation Analysis
  • Back-testing Portfolio Model
  • Regulatory Compliance

Easily retrieve data using:

  • Python
  • R
  • Matlab

Key Benefits

  • Access to millions of data series: Strong relationships with over 500 data vendors allow RIMES to offer comprehensive financial coverage. Clients can access an unparalleled range of market data. Get an idea of our coverage here: Data
  • RIMES API Services: RIMES Desktop API using Python, R and Matlab give you a direct connection to RIMES data sources so that you can develop models and solutions more quickly. Both Pandas & NumPy libraries are being supported.
  • Total control of your data: Explore linkage between different data sets. All RIMES-hosted databases conform to the same basic structure. Historical data is organized into time series. These are comprised of data sources, symbols, and items, and each is associated with unique alias codes.
  • High quality data: RIMES’ powerful servers manage feeds from many data vendors on behalf of our global clients. With multiple database validations built into our system, data errors are rapidly pinpointed. Our specialist data quality teams interact closely with data providers to ensure that when errors are detected, they are swiftly corrected. Analysts can have confidence in the quality of the data they are using.
  • Dedicated support: We offer an excellent standard of support and service. Most users find RIMES API extremely straight forward, but we also offer webcast training and support as needed. The RIMES support infrastructure ensures questions are answered quickly and comprehensively.