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Data Governance: RIMES Benchmark Analytics Workstation

Often users of benchmarks do not have sight of the data until it is transformed, loaded and processed within their performance, risk or portfolio management systems.  This means that when anomalies appear, or clients query the results, investigating and analysing the underlying data can be time consuming, subject to uncertainty and involve multiple requests to a data management or operations team. Using expensive third party terminals as a secondary data source may further confuse the issue if that source has different provenance and lineage.

RIMES Benchmark Analytics Workstation supports front and middle office professionals by providing an online view of the benchmark constituent data managed and delivered by RIMES.  Reports within the workstation provide insight into the constituents of the benchmarks and also information on the changes within those benchmarks.  The tool highlights key attributes of a benchmark such as joiners and leavers of a specific index, showcasing the potential impact of any changes to the index.

This allows front and middle office staff to be more effective in their specialist roles by supporting their investment analysis and data query processes.  This is achieved by providing greater visibility into the underlying data delivered by RIMES, rather than having to rely on a view of the data, after transformation and processing into business and analytical systems.

How it works

A subscription to the RIMES Benchmarks Analytics Workstation provides a series of reports which include:

  • Constituents report: Provides the constituents that make up the selected Benchmark on a given day
  • Contribution reports: Top/bottom contributors to the Benchmark’s return on a given date
  • Joiners & Leavers report: Records of joiners and leavers of the benchmark within a date range
  • Investment Factor Changes report: This equities-specific report displays investment factor changes information between given dates
  • Weight reports: These reports display the security’s weight as a percentage in the composition of the selected Benchmark, on a specified date.

In addition to the online functionality to group, sort, search and filter the data, you can export all the reports for further analysis on your own desktop.

Benefits of the Benchmark Analytics Workstation

The benefits of the Benchmark Analytics Workstation include:

  • Improved front and middle office decision-making and increased business efficiency with access to an online source of detailed benchmark constituent reports
  • An efficient means to make specialist benchmark and reference data accessible to meet individual business needs, without the costs of subscribing to, or building and managing, additional information services
  • Supporting best practice data governance by providing full control over the dissemination and use of the data with named individuals.

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