RIMES Desktop

RIMES Desktop is designed to support portfolio management and valuation, fund administration and custodial services, technical analysis, trading operations, risk management and compliance, and fundamental research, by providing access to more than 600 databases covering all asset classes with a single, intuitive interface via a secure internet connection.

This add‐in which allows you to screen and aggregate universes, perform timeseries calculations and analysis or create user-defined portfolios, but also create complex calculations and analytics which are performed server side, minimizing the strain on Excel and keeping your workbooks efficient.

Features of RIMES Excel Add-in

Provides a user-friendly interface to create your own reports
Editing and cloning features to manage and quickly modify existing reports
Integrates the RIMES Code Lookup into each search field of the Wizard
Allows direct field filling for expert users familiar with RIMES syntax
Dialogue boxes with quick pointers for date, frequency and time series calculations fields
Drag & drop capability to easily re-order report columns
Preview area to view sample results before running the request

Download RIMES online reports into Excel

Interactive and editable web reports downloaded from RIMES Online
Retain all the functionality from the online reports including summary level groupings such as country and industry classifications in Excel


Seamlessly integrated into Excel: toolbar automatically displays when there is RIMES content in the current spread sheet
Refreshes RIMES content without the need to go to the RIMES Ribbon

Additional features

RIMES templates browser, RIMES Code Lookup, SSL, create complex calculations and analytics, aggregate universes and user-defined portfolios
RIMES Excel Add-in is fully compatible with files and reports built with previous versions of the Add-in

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