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RIMES Feed Audit

The RIMES Feed Audit continues our work to enhance the capabilities and benefits of the RIMES Managed Data Service (MDS). Subscribers to the tool have online access to every instance of a benchmark or reference data feed, received from RIMES, archived and available for download.

Tracking the provenance of your data

Data processing within firms is built to be robust and linear, to enable data to get from source to destination as efficiently as possible. However, when things do go wrong, or when queries are raised sometimes weeks later, getting back to the source data can be time-consuming, often relying on IT or database teams with conflicting priorities.

As both regulatory oversight and data governance are becoming increasingly critical in buy side processes, the spotlight is turning on the provenance and lineage of the data being sourced, manipulated and consumed.  The ability to both store the source data in its original state, and to have the flexibility to query, analyse and demonstrate control of the data is an area many firms find challenging.

Benefits of the RIMES Feed Audit

By providing our MDS clients with an online archive of all their ‘as delivered’ feeds, clients will see the following benefits.

  • Improved data governance: access to a trusted source of as delivered data enabling easy evidence of data providence
  • Greater efficiency: less time spent requesting and waiting for the relevant data to be released from internal databases
  • Better service to internal data owners: enables faster response time to client or stakeholder data queries.

How it works

Online access to your data archive

The Feed Audit allows permissioned subscribers to search for and download cloud archived instances of feeds your firm has received through RIMES MDS. From the home page you will see a list of your RIMES managed feeds, both current and decommissioned. Select a feed and drill down to see every individual instance of the feed as delivered to you, including reissues.  You can download up to five feeds at a time straight to your desktop for further analysis. For clients using our custom historical data request service for performance analysis, the feeds can be also made available via the Feed Archive.

Want to find out more about the RIMES Feed Audit?

We are here to answer your questions. Please get in touch to learn more about the RIMES Feed Audit.