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Data Governance: RIMES Managed Feeds Workstation

Successful investment management is ultimately dependent on the quality of the data being used, driving the increasing focus on data governance best practice by the buy-side.  Central to good data governance is visibility into the provenance and lineage of data. Already facilitated by RIMES MDS, which feeds system-ready data directly into performance, risk, portfolio and other critical business systems, that visibility has taken another leap forward with this new service enhancement.

The RIMES Managed Feeds Workstation is the latest addition to the RIMES Managed Data Services (RIMES MDS). It provides online access to an extensive set of RIMES benchmark and feed inventory reports and operational tools to enable best practice data governance.

How it works

The RIMES Managed Feeds Workstation displays a range of report categories.

The reports present data such as feed information and benchmark inventories, and allows you to analyze and filter the data and then print or export the information.

Report categories available at launch include:

  • Benchmarks
  • Data Providers
  • Feedsrimes-managed-feeds-workstation_page_2
  • Feed Destinations

Operational teams also have access to the popular Feed Monitor, Exchange Holidays and also the new Case Tracker, allowing you to track support cases.

The reports themselves are offered with a rich set of functionality to help you tailor the output to your needs:

  • Intelligent search
  • Sort and filter
  • Group by attribute
  • Export and print
  • Save reports as favorites

How You Benefit

Many buy-side firms already understand the compelling benefits of RIMES MDS, including increased productivity across both business and operations teams as well as unparalleled agility to cost-effectively grow their business.

The RIMES Managed Feeds Workstation benefits include:

  • Efficient tracking of all RIMES sourced benchmark and reference data feeds, freeing up resources and systems
  • Data governance facilitation with instant access to provenance and lineage reports covering data from source to the point of use
  • An effective means to demonstrate to benchmark data providers and regulators what data is being received and how it is being transformed and used

Download (PDF, 38KB)

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