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RIMES Index Identifier

A unique identifier for all your benchmarks

The ability to identify and track the use of indices and benchmarks is essential for investment management firms. It drives good governance, enables billing and cost management and helps ensure compliance with the EU & UK Benchmarks Regulations.
However, data management teams can struggle to map benchmarks usage across all investment operations due to the huge variety of identifiers used by index providers and information platforms used in the front office, such as Bloomberg Tickers and Refinitiv’s RICs.

Our clients have asked us to develop a unique identifier to simplify the process of gaining insight into their benchmark universe. We’ve listened, and come up with the new RIMES Technologies Index Identifier (RTID).

RIMES Technologies Index Identifier

How it works

RIMES’ RTID, part of the RIMES Benchmark Data Service® (BDS®), is a managed index identifier service for financial firms. RIMES takes on the task of tracking the benchmarks used across a firm’s operations and tying them back to a unique identifier. The service enables firms to easily track index codes to stay on top of their benchmark universe.

RIMES’ RTID is available through RIMES Online, the RIMES Desktop application, and as an enrichment service for RIMES BDS data feeds, allowing firms to leverage the service in whichever way best suits their needs.

With RIMES’ RTID, firms gain complete visibility of their benchmarks’ universe and usage, allowing them to ensure compliance with licensing terms while providing the information they need to manage costs and drive more efficient use of their data.

Sustainable benefits

RIMES’ RTID frees data management teams from the time-consuming task of managing benchmarks identifiers using inflexible Enterprise Data Management tools or complex workarounds.

Benefits include:

RIMES’ RTID allows you to utilize the relationships between your data
Consistency of data usage across trading operations
Enrichment of identifiers with Bloomberg Tickers, Refinitiv RICs and other market identifiers
Compliance with benchmarks regulations
Improved data governance


RIMES’ RTID is based on 25 years’ experience of managing benchmark and index data, and leverages our relationships with more than 650 data partners.

We deploy our data management expertise and technology excellence so client firms can focus on their core value-generating activities.

With RIMES’ RTID, firms are insulated from complexity and able to draw on unmatched capabilities including:

Coverage across the 3.9 million indices available on the RIMES Managed Data Services Servicing of all asset classes, including fixed income, commodities, FX, equities and interest rates Ability to break down views of sub-index components and constituents