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The ESG Data Management Solution

RIMES Managed Data Services provide ESG data and modelling support including collection, assembly and distribution of ESG data

Environmental, social and governance factors

Investment teams are increasingly responsible for integrating ESG data in a manner that adds value to their investment process and enhances long-term and sustainable portfolio performance.

Whether pro-actively establishing ESG investment strategies across the business, or just reacting to mandate requirements, firms are looking to implement ESG methodologies to create scores that can be used as a key input into fund and index design. Being able to efficiently and consistently source and analyze the relevant data is critical to that process.

The ESG challenge

As ESG factors gain popularity, a huge field of material is being harvested by a wide range of providers, many with insight into specific company types, sectors, environments and social or political trends. Each provider can also present the data in their own unique way.

The result is that firms are faced with a mountain of unstructured data. Attempting the necessary analysis is hampered by a lack of mapping or cross-referencing across the data sets. This hinders the ability to compare data sets, look for patterns or create rule-based hierarchies.

RIMES works with many providers to source and database a huge range of ESG data. To understand the needs of our clients, we have used our powerful proprietary technology and experienced resources to provide linkages across the data using common security identifiers, as well as company level LEIs.

With the mapping in place, we follow our clients’ own ESG methodology matrices to cross-reference ratings and classifications and implement rule-based enrichment. Stored in RIMES-hosted private databases, the data can then be easily interrogated through APIs such as Python, MatLab or R, using our Excel add-in, or even delivered as customized feeds.

With RIMES Managed Data Services, investment teams get immediate benefits from being able to easily and efficiently access a wealth of quality

ESG data customized to their needs.

Benefits of RIMES Managed Data Services for ESG Data Management

  • Our ESG data is cross-referenced and mapped across issuer assets with LEI and common identifiers making it fast and easy to analyze
  • Data available via APIs such as Python, MatLab and R or customized feed formats, so easy to integrate into your processes
  • We work with an unrivalled number of ESG providers, but you only need to work with one.

Data Management is in Our DNA

Nobody understands data better than RIMES. We are best placed to manage and control your ESG data according to your specifications. Contact us to receive more information about the RIMES Managed Data Services, designed to deliver a sustainable, quantifiable improvement in business performance by relieving you of the burden of data management. 

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