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RIMES RegFocus

Reduce the risk of market abuse and simplify regulatory compliance

The Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) represents a significant challenge for the buy-side. All asset management firms need effective compliance policies and a robust framework to identify and control market abuse early and confidently. How much do you know about the key requirements of MAR? Take our quiz to find out.

MAR compliance requires asset managers to identify, monitor, map and report on a broad range of behaviors. A managed service offers a strategic alternative to a costly in-house project. With RIMES RegFocus you can:

  • Minimize the risk of receiving but not identifying inside information
  • Monitor ‘wall crossing’ or giving selective access to insider information
  • Use pre-trade controls to reduce the risk of market manipulation and insider trading
  • Conduct post trade surveillance using appropriate systems to monitor and investigate suspicious trades
  • Detect suspicious transactions influencing a benchmark, the price of funds or any derivatives.

A specialist managed service for buy-side compliance officers

RIMES RegFocus is designed specifically to reduce the risk of insider dealing and market manipulation in accordance with Reg. EU 596/2014 and ESMA RTS. The service streamlines and simplifies all aspects of MAR compliance, including:

  • We source and manage global data from 85 equity, commodity and derivatives trading venues and offer global surveillance coverage for OTC instruments, including FX and fixed income. Our managed service offers targeted regional alerts that incorporate jurisdictional regulatory and market-specific parameters.
  • An insider information reception portal that enables an individual or group to report potential insiders manually or through list management. You can use watch and restricted lists to reduce the risk of wall crossing and establish warning mechanisms for insiders and automatic adjustment of surveillance tools. A range of pre-order controls facilitates reporting on exposure to firms on watch list during close period.
  • A rigorous regulatory monitoring framework prevents or detects orders or trades that could have been executed on the basis of suspicious knowledge. Choose from a range of powerful analytics to detect attempted trades or orders that could indicate the use of information not yet publicly available. Our service shows the actual impact on the market, benchmark or fund and the potential benefit for the fund generated by the offense.
  • Our proprietary technology allows you to implement a bespoke solution that grows with the business and incorporates all the critical components of MAR compliance, including suspicious transaction and order reports (STOR), full investigation and audit trail functionality.

How You Benefit

  • A new, strategic approach to regulatory compliance for the buy-side, based on a managed service and partnership.
  • Keep pace with changes in regulations and insulate your firm from technology change.
  • A fully hosted service that builds on the success of existing RIMES services, requires negligible capital outlay and minimal technical expertise to get up and running
  • 24/7 access to a team of RIMES compliance experts and a pool of data expertise that is constantly enriched at the heart of the buy-side.

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