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Our clients include the world’s most sophisticated investors and asset managers. 

We continually develop our data solutions to help our clients deal with the challenges of managing their investments, mandates and regulatory requirements.

Our investment intelligence solutions help meet your individual needs, we can deliver an investment book of record (IBOR), manage your ESG data, or give you the power to look through your entire investment portfolio in one simple screen.

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Institutional investors.

Institutional investors span both public and corporate organizations but all have a common need - reliable data and the right tools to gain insight into their investments to help them meet their future liabilities.

Our enterprise-grade data solutions can provide the right foundation, across your front, middle and back office systems, by delivering quality data in the format you require.

When considering risk and exposure management assessments or looking for clarity on ESG criteria, our investment intelligence solutions can help you make better investment decisions.

asset manager

Asset managers.

Asset managers are required to optimize investment value, while remaining within their outlined strategy and balancing the associated levels of risk.

Having a clear understanding of financial objectives and risk tolerance is central to achieving this, and to do this well, you need reliable and timely data, as well as optimized data management practices.

When managing assets, whether initial allocation or rebalancing, the ability to look-through your existing portfolio and truly understand your investment allocations is vital. Our investment intelligence solutions give you the transparency needed to make better investment decisions.

Service provider

Service providers.

The process of investing is complex and brings with it a host of necessary compliance and reporting obligations. Each stage of the investment life cycle requires a deep understanding of your investment portfolio to effectively balance opportunities and risk tolerances.

Whether you are an investment consultant or a custodian charged with safekeeping of invested assets, your decision-making needs a solid foundation in reliable, timely and quality data. Our data solutions can do the hard work for you, bringing confidence to each stage of your work processes.

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Our solutions.

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Our research.

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