How the BMR May Affect You:

You may become a benchmark administrator if you provide indices that are used in:

  • Financial instruments traded on trading venues or via systematic internalisers in the EU.
  • Mortgage or consumer credit contracts, or investment funds.

You may become a benchmark contributor under the Regulation if you are an authorised person and you:

  • Contribute input data that is not readily available to the administrator, and
  • Provide the input data for the purpose of a benchmark determiniation.

You may become a benchmark user and be subject to additional requirements if you are supervised under MiFID II, CRD IV, UCITS or one of the other EU regulations as specified in Article 3(1)(17) and you:

  • Issue a financial instrument that references an index.
  • Determine the amount payable under a financial instrument or a mortgage or consumer credit contract by referencing an index
  • Are a party to a mortgage or consumer credit contract that references an index.
  • Provide a borrowing rate calculated as a spread or mark-up over an index or a combination of indices and that is solely used as a reference in a consumer credit contract to which the creditor is a party.
  • Measure the performance of an investment fund through an index either to track the return of the fund or to define its asset allocation.