Business Agility

How to Become More Agile and Manage Data Costs

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PROBLEM: Can You Control Data Costs – and Still Add New Indexes and Benchmarks Quickly?

Benchmarks and reference data are characteristically different from all other data types:

  • A lack of standardization creates a business challenge – every step in the process is more complex, from the onboarding of new indexes to the storing, management, and distribution of the data and its preparation for use.
  • This complexity increases costs – and it impairs how agile you are. Increased costs mean you may have to forego other opportunities.

As the volume of benchmark and reference data increases, so does the challenge of acquiring new sources to meet emerging business needs. Specific challenges include:

  • Responding quickly to support new mandates and changing business requirements
  • Time to market – sourcing new benchmarks and making them ready for use as part of a reliable, quality service
  • Meeting specific data and timing requirements of different functions, such as asset managers and portfolio performance

Time lags in sourcing, acquiring and distributing new benchmarks and reference data can impair business agility and lead to missed opportunities. But investment managers must be confident that they can respond to market demands quickly and cost-effectively.

SOLUTION: RIMES Helps You Win New Mandates, Retain Business, and Improve Agility

The RIMES Managed Data Service helps you:

  • Identify the right benchmarks and reference data necessary to fulfill mandates quickly and cost-effectively
  • Work with one source to coordinate access to nearly 1,000 data sources (and on the rare occasions that we don’t have a specific index, we can source it just for you)
  • Meet new business demands in a systematic, controlled manner
  • Stop spending time reformatting data – so you and your staff can concentrate on your primary business roles

RIMES takes over your entire data processing workflow from sourcing to fit-for-purpose feed. No more validating, reformatting, customizing (and all the hidden reformatting in various departments that you don’t see). We simplify the challenge of accessing a large universe of complex data, helping you become more streamlined and agile.