Data Complexity

How to Reduce the Complexity of Managing Your Data

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PROBLEM: You’re Concerned About the Complexity of Managing Benchmark and Reference Data

As the number of indexes and benchmarks continues to grow, so does their complexity. Investment managers have to use a growing range of published indexes, but also more complex custom benchmarks and blends.

  • It seems likely that the overall level of complexity will continue to increase, and this will affect all investment managers
  • This is far more than an operational problem — because benchmarks and reference data have become critical drivers of investment management success

Your challenges likely include:

  • Creating and monitoring the use of indexes and customized and blended benchmarks
  • The timeliness of getting quality data into the business – and validating, remediating, reformatting, and customizing for each system
  • Managing relationships with index data providers

SOLUTION: The RIMES Managed Data Service Handles the Complexity and Streamline Your Process

With RIMES, you will:

  • Replace the need for direct access to multiple data sources. We work directly with nearly 1,000 data sources, confirming when your data is received, and following up when it’s not
  • Benefit from a fully-managed service that includes new indexes, custom indexes and cross-partner blends as they’re needed (we’ll even source them in the rare event that they’re not available from RIMES)
  • Have the option to include blended benchmarks that are calculated and loaded into a private database for individual use
  • No longer worry about dealing with the complex processing of data – RIMES handles your entire sourcing-to-destination-system process
  • Enjoy 24/7 feed monitoring and access to specialist data experts

When you choose RIMES, new mandates will be fulfilled more quickly and confidently. Time to market can be reduced from months to days, and you’ll benefit from a more streamlined operating model.