Building a New Data Infrastructure to Meet Emerging Business Needs

Building a New Data Infrastructure to Meet Emerging Business Needs

The client

The client is a global asset manager with $257 billion under management across 25 countries. The company has been a RIMES client since 2006 when RIMES was selected to feed data to its in-house platform. The relationship with RIMES was very successful and data volumes grew continually.

The challenge

By 2008, rapid expansion of the client’s international business created a need for consolidation of data feeds. Data requirements were becoming more complex as a result of increasingly sophisticated investment techniques and complex reporting requirements. It was decided to consolidate index data and benchmark acquisition under a single provider to streamline and simplify data management. Data requirements were becoming more specific and in-house development could not keep up. The client also wanted to mitigate the operational risk of running disparate systems across different geographies.

The solution

After a detailed analysis of business requirements it was decided to standardize on RIMES globally. Using a specialist, managed service for index data and benchmarks relieves the administrative burden of dealing with multiple index vendors, particularly to resolve data queries. Now the client can direct all data questions towards RIMES, leaving more time to focus on its core business.

The benefits

This new, streamlined approach to index data and benchmark management has given the client fast access to high quality data from a trusted source. As well as aligning data acquisition with business needs, the client has improved its overall business agility and responsiveness to new business opportunities.