Data Governance

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How to Manage and Monitor the Use of Data in Your Firm

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PROBLEM: How Can You Optimize the Use of Benchmark and Reference Data that You’re Paying For?

Do you know if the right data is being sourced, processed and delivered to the right users — for use in a way that is within the terms of the appropriate licensing agreement? Are you maximizing the value of the data you’re paying for?

As more business functions in your firm consume an increasing volume of complex data, rigorous data governance becomes essential. A data governance program establishes effective controls to ensure that only data that is essential for the successful operation of the business is acquired and processed. Data governance for benchmarks and reference data should include:

  • Onboarding and creation – recording new benchmarks and reference data, where they are used and for what purposes
  • Usage and change management – ensuring that all data is being used by the business, and recording when a specific benchmark has changed to ensure surplus benchmarks are deleted
  • Transparency and visibility of data usage to meet the reporting requirements of index partners

Good data governance is a significant ongoing commitment. To succeed, it must be performed at the enterprise level to ensure effective cost control, and risk and reputation management.

SOLUTION: RIMES Helps You Track and Maximize the Usage of Your Data In Support of More Efficient and Cost Effective Data Governance Processes

With RIMES, your data governance improves immediately. Our Managed Data Service supports the entire spectrum of customization — from simple percentage blends to the most complex custom benchmarks. With RIMES, you’ll have:

  • Defined procedures – to govern the onboarding of new index partners, indexes, custom indexes and blends to ensure compliance with specific licensing agreements and restrictions
  • Expert product expertise – expert advice is available to advise on originators’ product structures, so the specified benchmark can be sourced in the most practical and cost-effective manner
  • Transparent view of your data from original source to final delivery to each system – because RIMES takes over your entire data processing operation from sourcing to destination system feeds
  • Managed Feeds Workstation – Data governance facilitation with instant access to provenance and lineage reports covering data from source to the point of use.”

Finally, you’ll feel confident that you’re optimizing the use of your benchmark and reference data, while adhering to the terms of your licensing agreements