RIMES Delivers Enriched ESG Data to Support Securities Services Provider’s Reporting Tool

When the securities services arm of a major international bank launched its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting Service, it realized that high-quality and transparent data would be vital to managing risk. It called in Managed Data Services expert RIMES to help.

The Need

As part of its bespoke solutions for buy-side practitioners, the securities services arm of a major global bank planned to launch a portfolio reporting service to provide asset owners and fund managers with independent measurement of the ESG performance and carbon emissions of their holdings.

However, the sheer number of ESG scores and ratings on the market, each of which has its own methodology and file formats, means that it is all but impossible to layer composite ESG data across a universe of securities.

The firm therefore decided to deliver its ESG scores and ratings via discreet filters matched to each individual data source. Its clients would then be able to compare scores and ratings from different providers, as well as the carbon emissions for each holding, and be able to see for themselves differences in approaches and conclusions.

Key Takeaway

RIMES service delivers the data visibility the client needs to deliver the service compliantly and risk free, supported by strong data workflow and clear data lineage. The client can easily track the data journey end-to-end, providing the transparency it requires to meet customer needs and regulatory requirements.

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