Financial Data Quality Management

How to Improve Data Quality

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PROBLEM: You Want to Ensure More Consistent Data Quality Without a Major Investment

Your firm may be struggling to maintain high quality data standards throughout the enterprise. And you’re not alone, because:

  • All investment managers need access to an increasing volume of complex benchmark and reference data
  • Indexes, benchmarks, and reference data are characteristically different from other data sets and are more complex and harder to work with
  • Different timeliness and quality needs of the front- and mid-office functions aggravate the challenge

As benchmarks and reference data increase in volume and complexity, data quality becomes more of an issue. Inevitably, data errors arise. Working with benchmarks and reference data pose some specific challenges not found with other data types. These include:

  • Resolving data quality issues takes much longer
  • Lack of industry best practice metrics for measuring quality
  • No easy method of tracking the overall business impact of poor quality benchmark and reference information – a problem which is significant and growing

Maintaining high quality data can be a daunting challenge – and it’s definitely a distraction from your main business role.

SOLUTION: The RIMES Fully‐Managed Service Delivers Validated, Fully Customized Data Ready for Use

With RIMES, you will:

  • Reduce or eliminate error correction. You’ll have the comfort of knowing that an expert global service team is proactively resolving data errors to ensure consistent quality data
  • Improve both data quality and efficiency. Our centralized processing, specialist data expertise, and proven processes ensure accurate and consistent blending, reformatting, and customization. Our team works with complex benchmark and reference data from nearly 1,000 sources every day
  • Benefit from custom-formatted benchmark and reference data that is truly “end‐user ready” when and where it’s needed

When you choose RIMES to manage your data – from sourcing through delivering validated, formatted, customized feeds directly to your destination systems – consistent data quality becomes a given.