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We have been passionate about data for the past 20 years. Our work includes prompting, responding to and reporting on key industry debates. Here you can find all the white papers and surveys we publish from time to time.

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Thought Leadership Feb 14, 2019

DIY for Complex Blended Benchmarks Isn’t Always Easy

As many of our clients have learned the hard way, attempting to build and maintain complex blended (i.e. composite) benchmarks is often...

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Financial Data Trends Feb 7, 2019

The ESG Market is Big – and it Might be Getting Bigger

It is no secret that there has been an increase in interest from investors in products that leverage Environmental, Social and Governance...

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Thought Leadership Feb 4, 2019

Managing the ETF Data Challenge: A RIMES Q&A

It’s boom time for Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). ETF assets, which are traded like stocks and usually track an index, have swelled to...

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Financial Data Trends Feb 4, 2019

BMR and Third-Country Benchmarks: An Intractable Challenge?

Followers of this blog will know that we have been tracking how third-country benchmark administrators are reacting to the EU’s Benchmarks Regulation...

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