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ETF Data Management

RIMES sources over 90% of the global Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) data from the world’s leading sponsors to deliver comprehensive holdings transparency to the buy-side

The popularity and utility of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to implement investment strategies is well established, yet rapidly evolving. Utilizing these products to gain inexpensive and liquid exposure to new geographies and exotic asset classes is a clear benefit, but it must be balanced with the requirements of timely and accurate exposure monitoring and management.

Navigating the ever-expanding global universe of ETFs comes with increased operational risk, resource drain and escalating costs for those firms who choose to consume and manage ETF data in-house. Attempting to source, validate and deploy this data across various enterprise stakeholders quickly becomes a considerable challenge.

Rely on RIMES

More and more buy-side firms are now looking to RIMES Managed Data Services to support their entire data universe from source to system – including their intake, validation and internal distribution of ETF data, alongside critical benchmark, reference, market and alternative data sets.

RIMES Managed Data Services support all forms of ETF activity by providing validated daily ETF composition and reference data directly to central client stores or point-to-point applications within their architecture. Leveraging our award-winning Managed Data Services, RIMES normalizes, validates and enriches ETF data sets by linking compositions with their underlying constituents, enabling our customers to perform portfolio, risk, compliance and performance analysis according to their custom specifications.

Value from RIMES

  • Sourcing high volumes of global ETF data directly from the providers
  • Mapping and enriching a challenging and increasing number of securities across the multi-asset spectrum
  • Robust validation processes across securities and cash, avoiding the need for clients to implement costly data cleansing exercises
  • Issuer direct relationships and experience working across varied file formats and delivery channels
  • Ability to provide consistent or custom views across ETF sponsors and to reliably deliver system-ready data across the enterprise.

Benefits of ETF holdings look-through for the buy-side

Portfolio Management

■ Ability to accurately disaggregate exposures by concentration to issuer, geography, sector or asset class results in more informed asset allocation decisions
■ Smarter portfolio construction and optimization decisions based on accurate exposures being reflected in risk models
■ Enables timelier exposure monitoring and more responsive hedging decisions


Risk Management

■ Ability to monitor and understand portfolio exposure from multiple perspectives
■ Portfolio stress testing can better predict outcomes when using a complete view of portfolio constituents than with a proxy or partial coverage approach
■ Historical scenario analysis and strategy back-testing can be conducted using previously unavailable data



■ Delivers richer context for a manager’s exposures and adherence to or deviation from a fund’s stated investment guidelines through time
■ Ability to identify direct or indirect ownership provides ability to comply with global shareholder disclosure regulations


Performance Measurement

■ Ability to provide granular performance and attribution insight from the decisions made to allocate to particular ETFs
■ Offers visibility into direct and indirect holdings, uncovers potential pricing differences, and enables conflicting attribution figures to be reconciled.


Data Management is in Our DNA

Nobody understands data better than RIMES. We are best placed to manage and control your ETF data according to your specifications – conducting bespoke checks and remediating any problems from the issuer before the data hits your system; while also enriching your files for broader, more complete feeds.


Contact us to receive more information about the RIMES Managed Data Services, designed to deliver a sustainable, quantifiable improvement in business performance by relieving you of the burden of data management. 

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