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ETF Data Management

Prepared for ETF Expansion?

The popularity and utility of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to implement investment strategies is well established and one of the most rapidly evolving dynamics across our industry.

Utilizing these products to gain inexpensive and liquid exposure to new geographies and diverse asset classes is a clear benefit, but it must be balanced with the requirements of timely and accurate exposure monitoring and insight.

Given the fragmentation and relative maturity of ETF usage across regions, there are disperse regulatory frameworks and market utilities that impact data consumption patterns, use cases and associated challenges across the investment life cycle. There are thousands of ETFs on the market and no standardized data formats or delivery channels. Attempting to source, normalize, validate and deploy this data across the varied enterprise stakeholders quickly becomes a considerable challenge. In this environment, producing accurate, system-ready composition data requires deep relationships with issuers and experience working with the data.

Invest in ETFs with confidence: Let RIMES handle the data burden

The RIMES advantage:

■ We source composition data directly from ETF issuers and provide the full complement of composition files, including holdings and all constituent baskets

■ Leveraging our market-leading data partner ecosystem and managed service, we have the ability to cross-reference and enrich with 3rd party content to meet your specifications

■ Robust validation processes across security, cash, turnover and NAV roll-up facilitates superior data quality, avoiding the need for you to implement costly data cleansing processes

■ Our ability to provide consistent or custom views across sponsors alleviates your technology teams from performing time consuming data transformations

■ Our market leading index ecosystem and ETF to index linkage provides decomposition transparency, insights and interaction via RIMES Online.

ETFs available on RIMES Online for Search and Discovery

Basic ETF compositions and analytics, can be queried through RIMES Online’s intuitive search tools, allowing search across geographies, asset classes and ETF issuers.

Users of RIMES Online will be able to access ETF data on two levels:

Fund Level data including:

  • Prices, NAVs, Index returns and visualization
  • Identifiers
  • Returns for various periods and across currencies
  • Volatility and Risk Measures
  • Characteristics
  • Top 10 holdings view

ETF Look-through data including:

  • Securities Identifiers
  • Country, Currency other metadata
  • Weights, Prices, Returns

Reach out to us to learn more about additional baskets views, extended item availability, 3rd party enhancement capabilities, customization options, bespoke validation and tailor-made feed delivery.


Data Management is in our DNA: contact us to receive more information about RIMES ETF Data Management