Rimes Graduate Program.

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What is the Rimes Graduate Program?

Each year, the Rimes Graduate Program hires promising new graduates around the world for placements in 4 of our global locations, including London, Nicosia, New York, and Manila. Through this program and Rimes University, our internal education and development department, we’re able to provide recent graduates with a well-rounded introduction to the financial and data worlds. 

Both the Rimes Graduate Program and Rimes University offer a unique opportunity for candidates early in their career to build strong networks with other recent graduates and senior team members across the globe.

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What types of candidates are considered?

We are looking for bright, passionate, and driven graduates who are interested in joining our team and building a career with us. This program offers graduates an introduction to the industry through Rimes University, which provides hands-on projects and blended learning courses in key business functions. Graduates make rotations in business functions such as Client Managed Services, Performance, and Data. Typically, at least 3 areas are covered, depending on the graduates’ interests and suitability. During these rotations, graduates are responsible for group training projects covering numerous subjects.  

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Why should I apply for the Rimes Graduate Program?

We believe our Graduate Program and Rimes University provides a strong foundation in understanding our business and the industries we serve. Over time, these programs have proven successful in enabling new graduates to excel at an accelerated pace within the company. During the rotation period, our graduates have regular interaction and opportunities to gain dedicated face time with our executive team and senior managers. We hold biweekly sessions where our graduates can ask business-related and personal questions to learn more about how our senior team has built and managed their successful careers.

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How does Rimes find graduates for the program?

Rimes recruits new graduates at career fairs hosted by partner universities in addition to advertising the program in college networks. Potential candidates are given the opportunity to attend graduate assessments days at local offices in which they are introduced to team members, assigned tasks, and interviewed by leadership in different business functions

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How can I be considered for the Rimes Graduate Program?

If you would like to be considered for the Rimes Graduate Program, please apply to the role as advertised. From there, we will conduct a pre-screening process and invite suitable candidates to one of our graduate assessment days. You can apply for the Rimes Graduate Program here.

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