Enterprise data management.

Flexible investment data solutions that power your enterprise

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Data management services

Delivering normalized, validated and enriched data across the enterprise

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Data distribution and warehousing

Flexible and scalable data distribution and warehousing solutions

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Investment management platform

Asset allocation, exposure management and workflow automation solutions

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Timely, flexible and scalable solutions to help ensure data quality, streamline workflows and bring efficiency, speed and clarity to all your investment decisions.

Whether you are looking for a single data domain, a fully managed service or a powerful tool to provide visibility across your entire investment portfolio, we have the right solutions for you.


Rimes data management services support your enterprise-wide data management requirements, delivering normalized, validated and enriched data across multiple domains, operational systems and workflows. 

Every day, we perform more than 2 million validation checks against rule hierarchies, contribution, attribution and mapping requirements, as well as more than 100,000+ daily data and feed failure remediation checks, ensuring that our clients are onboarding fit-for-purpose, quality data into their complex systems. We provide both a best practice library and client-specific quality checks, as needed.

For those requiring enhanced levels of support, our data management office serves as an extension of your team, providing a scalable managed service model with complete oversight and audit capabilities, allowing you to reallocate resources to more valuable tasks.

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Benchmark data management services

For more than a quarter of a century, Rimes has provided innovative solutions to institutional investors and asset managers grappling with the complexities and nuances associated with managing benchmark data. Whether you are looking for help with a single data domain or need to completely retool your data management processes, we can deliver the required data, in the right format across your front, middle and back offices.

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Security and price mastering services

Rimes modernizes and centralizes the creation of security and price masters. You can create bespoke security and price masters across all asset classes with centralized storage, identification management and greater oversight and data governance in a modular and extensible model.

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Benchmark preview services

High-impact index rebalances, corporate actions adjustments and global events are just some of the challenges that investment management professionals must quickly understand and respond to. Our comprehensive, event-driven preview (Proforma) service enables you to capture and prepare for multiple index rebalances and corporate action changes throughout the year.

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Blends data management services

Our “blends” service provides the tools needed to build, view, and manage fit-for-purpose composite portfolios and their related blended benchmarks, ensuring that clients are licensed for the indices they use in their blended portfolios.

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ESG data management services

With more than 25 leading ESG data partners covering ESG and climate data, equities, and corporate and sovereign fixed income, we can help you optimize and standardize your data landscape and coverage, better understand your exposure and performance and reduce your time to market. Rimes sources ESG and climate data, including scores, ratings and factor indexes, from leading providers and can incorporate proprietary client data for consistent implementation across functions.

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ETF data management services

Through our deep issuer, clearing agent and custodian relationships and extensive ETF data expertise, Rimes sources high volumes of global ETF data directly from the providers, regularly includes new data sets and updates existing ones to avoid gaps in analysis.

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Rimes distributes and warehouses data across the front, middle and back office, as well as to third-party downstream systems, through the cloud, API and desktop. Our private, client-specific data “lake-houses” are built on dedicated Azure infrastructure and incorporate:


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