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Meeting your investment obligations in today’s complex environment is challenging without access to and analysis of reliable data.

Our powerful investment management platform Matrix simplifies the management of complex, multi-level investment and product structures bringing clarity to your portfolio management and investment decisions.

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Whether you are looking for a flexible platform to help you rebalance and/or manage exposures or require complete visibility across your portfolio and fund managers, the cloud-native Matrix investment management platform provides the tools you need, without the constraints of “one-size-fits-all” solutions.

Asset allocation

Matrix automates the cash allocation and rebalancing process to address the practical challenges associated with asset allocation decisions. Blend underlying indexes, set rebalance periods and target weights, and truly understand the nature of your holdings with fully audited workflow capabilities that allow you to visualize the underlying holdings from external managers. 

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Exposure management

Matrix provides an all-in-one solution to aggregate, analyze and “look through” all asset types using a wide variety of factors and classification schema. Solve for untimely data, multiple back-office providers, misalignment between front and back-office processes and data requirements, intraday trading and market movement. Our platform includes flexible definitions of position views, extraction of position data, and a best-in-class approach to investment data management.

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Digitization and automation

Matrix supports the automation of complex workflows, including the integration of external calculations to deliver a single user experience spanning the entire investment process.  Integrating on-platform exposure management, external calculations, and a robust workflow solution with audit and controls ensures repeatability, transparency, and improved governance.

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Reporting and compliance

To meet your constantly evolving regulatory reporting obligations to investors, regulators and others, you need reliable data and flexible solutions designed to provide accurate, timely information on performance, exposures and fund managers, especially for ESG investing. Rimes provides both the quality data and analytics tools required to accurately report against complex, multi-jurisdictional regulatory requirements.

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Data distribution and warehousing

Rimes distributes and warehouses data across the front, middle and back office, as well as to third-party downstream systems, through the cloud, API and desktop. Our private, client-specific data “lake-houses” are built on dedicated Azure infrastructure Rimes can warehouse and distribute data through industry partners like Snowflake. 

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