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Rimes is a global leader in enterprise data management solutions and services.

Since 1996, Rimes has carved its own unique path. As an organization, we are passionate about our solutions, focused on client excellence, and share growth as a common goal. With numerous experienced professionals and subject matter experts from the worlds of finance, tech, and data, our environment is naturally fast-moving and dynamic.  We are mission and values oriented and motivated towards achieving results as a community and brand. Here, you can learn more about our people and culture. #RimesLife

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Rimes' values.

Our core values are the key principles that form the foundation of everything we do and play an integral role in keeping us at the forefront of our industry.

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Client excellence.

We put our clients at the center at everything we do and pride ourselves on offering a client-centric experience. We listen to their problems and identify solutions that make their lives better. By walking a mile in their shoes, we can create a trusted partnership and strategic long-term relationship.

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We think outside the box and challenge the status quo, allowing us to be agile and relevant to our clients. We proactively seek out problems to solve and motivate our teams to go above and beyond.

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ESG principles are at the heart of our company and we promote equality, diversity, and inclusion. We lead by example and treat each other with respect and trust. We strive to do good by keeping each other honest, recognizing our success and learning from our mistakes.

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We empower each other to take risks, be creative and take initiative. We celebrate ambition and treat mistakes as part of our continuous learning and dedication to quality.

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