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As a comprehensive suite of fully-managed services, RIMES MDS helps you fulfill your tactical need for the efficient delivery of accurate, timely data. But our services also help you realize strategic aims, such as managing business change and becoming more responsive to client needs. We help you source and manage the exact data you need to perform the diverse range of functions for which the data is used, for example, in performance attribution and portfolio management departments. In addition, managed data services enable you to control who is using data, where, and for what purpose.

What is RIMES MDS in Practice?

RIMES MDS is a proven data operating platform that helps firms of all sizes and in all regions align their data consumption closely with business needs. All of our data feeds are customized to your requirements to receive benchmark data and reference data ready for use in your business systems. A managed data service insulates your firm from changes in technology, vendor methodologies and data formats, and gives you the control and transparency that is central to good data governance and regulatory compliance, as well as meeting the needs of the end user. We are proud of our unique service culture and committed to meeting your tactical needs and strategic goals.

RIMES MDS: A Proven Service




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The RIMES Benchmark Data Service

The RIMES Benchmark Data Service

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ETF Data Management

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ESG Data Management

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RIMES Online

RIMES Online

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The RIMES MDS Advantage

Our services offer a scalable and cost-effective platform for growth. New data sets can be added easily and quickly. And, if you need data that is not on the RIMES database, we will source it for you.

De-risking implementation

De-risking implementation: Our services will accommodate your existing technology and data architecture, and our expert team will work with you from onboarding to live running.

Governance and oversight

Governance and oversight: RIMES MDS promotes good data governance by demonstrating evidence of data provenance and lineage.

Efficiency and cost reduction

Efficiency and cost reduction: You can easily commission and decommission the data you need and our subscription-based pricing aligns cost with business success.

Meeting business user needs

Meeting business user needs: All of our data is customized to the exact needs of different functions and locations. Every RIMES client has unique requirements and receives a bespoke service.

Minimizing manual intervention

Minimizing manual intervention: Our services are designed to minimize manual intervention and to remove the need to customize data in-house.

Agility and scalability

Agility and scalability: Managed data services improve business agility and responsiveness. You can seize new business opportunities more quickly and confidently and scale without high risk and costly IT projects.

Data quality

Data quality: Benefit from superior data quality and accuracy, which reduces operational and regulatory compliance risk.

Expert support

Expert support: We invest continually in people who ar expert in all aspects of financial data management. As a RIMES client you can avoid the need to train or expand internal support teams.

Fast time to market

Fast time to market: RIMES clients enjoy a reduced time to market for new products and, as a result, are more productive.

Drivers for Change in Data Management

Quality data that is fit-for-purpose

RIMES MDS delivers quality bespoke data, ready for use in destination systems and business processes. Data costs are aligned to business success and 'hidden' data management costs are eliminated.

Enabling business change and responsiveness

All firms must respond faster to new mandates and other business opportunities. RIMES MDS helps you become more agile so you can seize new opportunities quickly and confidently.

Supporting good data governance

RIMES MDS increases data transparency and control and promotes good data governance by evidencing data provenance and lineage.

RIMES MDS delivers quality data that is ready for use in destination systems. Our teams have a deep understanding of the asset management business and the challenges you face. We ensure each key business process receives critical high quality data.

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Our Commitment to Service

Creating customized data feeds to the exact specification of the ultimate business system or process for which it is intended.

Tailoring validation and workflow to deliver the optimum blend of timeliness, accuracy, completeness and validity at the point of use.

Providing the expertise of the RIMES data and support teams to manage and maintain the ongoing delivery of our data services.

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