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RIMES Managed Data Services

What you need from data management: access to high quality data at the right time delivered via your preferred medium to extract value and generate insights; a service that answers both defensive and offensive data strategies and comes with the flexibility & transparency required to enable the very best commercial decisions on how data is used across your organization.

What you have traditionally received: data imprisoned by technology, policy, contracts and people and a growing frustration that this data is a tax on your organization’s business-as-usual and change objectives.



Reimagine enterprise data management with RIMES

RIMES Managed Data Services (MDS) continue 25 years of work developing the industry’s most extensive & trusted managed data services that are independent of both data and technology providers.

The RIMES solution provides a comprehensive service, fulfilling all of your organization’s data needs including the sourcing, validation, mastering and highly customized delivery of data across your organisation, arming diverse business users with the information and insights they need to succeed.

Key Features

 Next generation online data management portal
 Consumption based commercial model
 Access to a global data management team
 Client defined service model – fully managed or hybrid
 Data management with a lower time to market & TCO
 Access to over 1600 managed data sets

A complete end-to-end managed data service

Data management is not your organization’s core activity, but it is ours. With RIMES, your firm can leverage 25 years of experience, dedicated focus, and expert data team to transform your data management operations.

The industry’s most extensive managed data service

 Security master
 References & Classifications
 ID Master
 Universe of Interest (UOI) management
 Issuer management
 Corporate actions
 Client data
 Fund & Accounts
  Orders & Transactions
 Holdings & Valuations


Move from technology-constrained to service-enabled data management

With RIMES, you are accessing a highly governed and transparent service – not just a technology. You benefit from immediate access to the latest in cloud-based technologies and you license only what you use, aligning business case to business benefit.

Other benefits include:

  Flexible and elastic data services to help support and scale clients’ change portfolio
  Shorter time to market and time to quality
  Embedded 3rd and 4th party supplier oversight
  Superior data lineage, oversight & governance
  Global 24/7 data management team
  RIMES benchmarking and advisory service from former CDOs
 Wider industry voice with 350+ RIMES clients

Key use cases for RIMES MDS:

  Pricing service for oversight, front office, or fund accounting
  ESG modelling and master organizational-wide use cases
  Ratings master to satisfy credit policy
  Security & Issuer master aligned to the client’s data standards
  Index and blend management for multi-asset allocation teams
  Regulatory book of record (RBOR) data management service to ensure readiness for past and future regulatory demand
  Support for quant & research teams with access to over 1600 data sets & analytical tools
 Look through capabilities via Index, ETF and fund data.


Part of the MDS solution suite:

The RIMES Benchmark Data Service ETF Data Management ESG Data Management RIMES Online

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