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RIMES Managed Data Services

RIMES’ flexible service model redefines how organizations manage data. Adopt RIMES’ lean data management approach to improve the quality of enterprise-wide data and scale at speed.

Traditional data management is broken

Today, data is decentralized and imprisoned by costly technology. Investment Management firms spin on complex, capital-intensive data workflows, struggling to produce the data needed to generate insights.

As the downward pressure on fees grows and regulatory scrutiny intensifies, the rising cost of legacy operating models is no longer an option.

Lean Data Management changes the game

RIMES’ cloud-based service solves data management challenges across all data domains.

Built on lean enterprise principles, RIMES MDS weaves continuous improvements through all data processes. Clients eliminate waste while gaining access to timely, accurate and complete data. What’s more, RIMES’ adaptive service is expertly designed to evolve with the market, equipping clients with a future-proof solution that navigates change with unmatched efficiency.

Choose MDS as a strategic data partner

Born from the same service-orientated DNA as our award-winning Benchmark Data Services, RIMES MDS reflects 25 years of experience innovating data management.

With MDS, RIMES extends its service far beyond index data, applying domain expertise, next-gen technology, and proven process to the full universe of financial data. With MDS as your strategic partner, bring unprecedented quality, efficiency, and adaptability to data management across your enterprise.

Enterprise-wide benefits when you partner with RIMES

  • Enhanced data quality for insights
  • Greater operational efficiencies
  • Improved resource allocation
  • Faster time to market & time to quality

Comprehensive coverage from 650+ data providers

  • Pricing
  • Security Master
  • ID Management
  • ESG
  • ETF
  • Index
  • Analytics
  • Ratings
  • References & Classifications
  • Universe of Interest (UOI) Management
  • Entity Management
  • Corporate Actions
  • Fund & Accounts
  • Orders & Transactions
  • Holdings & Valuations

MDS Key Features

  • Flexible service model that can be tailored to each client
  • Cutting-edge cloud platform and data management technology
  • High-quality, timely data delivery in line with client standards and policies, backed by SLA guarantee
  • Customizable dashboards and analytics tools to interact with data, extract insights, and monitor performance
  • Expert advisory from former CDOs and asset class experts on best practices in data management
  • Front-run-the-sun capability with 24/7 service oversight and global client support with RIMES Online

Download our RIMES Managed Data Services brochure

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Partner with RIMES MDS

RIMES MDS supports any enterprise data management approach, accelerating all workflows via a data-, asset-, and platform-agnostic service. 

Reach out to our team to schedule a demo and consultation. 

Set your preferred operating model with RIMES

Full service

End-to-end data management by RIMES MDS. Offload all data management to MDS’ fully managed service, complete with client support and advisory from a team of experts.

Hybrid Partnership

Share the data management burden with RIMES. Determine which data to manage in-house and which to entrust to RIMES.

Get support on any workflow across your data supply chain


Comprehensive coverage from 650+ vendors and 1,600+ managed data sets 

Embedded vendor oversight


Implementation of client-specific data policies and governance frameworks

Interaction & Analytics

Real-time service oversight, permissioned reporting

RIMES Online Portal

RIMES Research API

RIMES Desktop Excel add-in

Validation & QA

Data lineage, oversight, and governance

Cross-referencing, independent data verification and checks


Data configured to meet unique user requirements

Frictionless delivery across the organization via API or feed

Client Service

Expert advisory on best practices in data strategy and management

24/7 service model allows you to front-run the sun with access to a global support team

Select the domains you want RIMES to support

  • Pricing
  • ID Management
  • ESG
  • ETF
  • Index
  • Analytics
  • Ratings
  • References & Classifications
  • Security Master
  • Universe of Interest (UOI) Management
  • Entity Management
  • Corporate Actions
  • Fund & Accounts
  • Orders & Transactions
  • Holdings and Valuations

Part of the MDS solution suite:

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ETF Data Management

ESG Data Management

RIMES Online