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RegFocus℠ Market Surveillance

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Why choose RegFocus Market Surveillance?

A single solution to the regulatory challenges brought about by current market manipulation and insider trading legislation and designed for both the sell and buy-side.

The current focus of the SEC, CFTC, FINRA and numerous other regulatory bodies both within the US and in other jurisdictions aims to increase market integrity and investor confidence.

Regulatory focus is now wider in scope, covers more financial instruments and includes more trading venues. Regulators have also extended their focus to cover attempted manipulation and to prohibit abusive behaviour regarding benchmarks.

Firms need effective compliance policies and a robust framework to identify and control market manipulation and insider trading. These must:

  • Minimize the risk of receiving but not identifying material non-public information
  • Monitor ‘wall crossing’ or giving selective access to material non-public information
  • Use pre-trade controls to reduce the risk of market manipulation and insider trading
  • Conduct post trade surveillance with appropriate systems to identify suspicious orders and trades or regulatory rule violations
  • Detect suspicious transactions influencing a benchmark, the price of funds or any derivatives.

These regulations have placed a greater burden on the oversight functions within firms, and increased the cost of compliance, particularly for firms that had previously relied on controls in place with third parties. Identifying, monitoring, mapping and reporting on a broad range of behaviors is both crucial and a major undertaking requiring people, technology and ongoing commitment. Download our brochure to discover an alternative to a costly in-house project or simply request a demo.


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